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    Originally posted by TheManningMelon View Post
    I don't think it's one-sided on both sides of the ball. Texans have a very good defense. The Broncos will struggle on offense, considering all of the changes. Personally, I'd rather see Tennessee and Chargers face the Broncos first, and maybe then Atlanta. I don't want to see the best teams coming after the "new" offense of the Broncos until they get some experience together and figure things out.

    But, on defense, I don't see the Texans holding back the pass rush of the Broncos. Brock tends to hold the ball. He's done it since he got here, and he still struggles with it. Hang on to that ball with the Broncos pass rush, and there's going to be serious contact for the QB.
    Seriously? Opening game with the NFL Champs is going to be Chargers or Tenn? Not exactly the media and fan buzz I think they are looking for.

    Texans or Panthers has the best storyline. I agree with you that the Broncos offense may not be ready opening week.

    Because of that there is a conspiracy theorist in me that suggests it would be the Panthers on Sept 8th. So they can get "revenge" and show the NFL how much of a fluke the SB was. Not agreeing with it just can envision the rhetoric.

    Just out of curiosity, who are these teams that "holding back the pass rush " on any given week? Every week and every QB is a gazelle among the lions in the NFL I watch. Most games advantage went to the Broncos. Hopefully that happens again next year too. Both because the defense can still be elite and the offensive line will improve.