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Last 2 Games....Manning Had Better Passer Rating Than Brady And Newton

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    Originally posted by HarlemHeat View Post
    Brady and Newton played vs. one of the greatest defenses in NFL history. If you put Manning against the Broncos' D, I don't think he would have a passer rating better than 10 lol.
    Just in case you didn't read from the beginning......I mentioned our D as being one of the reasons for the passer rating outcomes. Not trying to hide it, not trying to make Manning look better than he did, not trying to make people feel like they should be impressed. This was about strategic game management, supported by an incredible D. The whole commentary is about, "if I'd known I would have been really good with it!" In other words, whatever we schemed and dreamed, it ended up working.

    Now, not to stick up for the old guy too much, but those next gen stats do make me appreciate his effort a bit more, given he was throwing the ball 1/3 quicker than Cam, so maybe he would have completed a few more passes than we think. Maybe short ones, but still of some positive value. And hey, maybe even a mid to long range pass here and there, if on any down he got a bit more time than the average.

    Last thing, you are talking theory. What happened.........IS what happened.


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      I'm not here to defend Manning or be critical. IMHO he played well regardless of the stats. There were a couple of bad plays - Ealy INT and the 3rd down in the RZ throw to Sanders - DT was wide open for the corner route because Carolina dropped coverage to help on Sanders. I think part of that was just the lack of time he had to make reads.

      He made enough plays against Carolina to keep Cam on the sideline and rest our D. Very low 3rd down conversion however picked up 1st down on 1st or 2nd down. If you go back and watch the timing Manning had to make some super quick decisions on 0-10 and 10-20 yard routes. Carolina's D was stout and fast.

      Again not here to prop up Manning - offense wasn't great but that may have been one of his best considering the line and Carolina's pressure.