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    There will also be Top 10 Peyton Manning games at 10. Fun night for us.
    Adopted Bronco: DeMarcus Ware


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      Originally posted by Fantaztic7 View Post
      Ware will be on NFL Network Total Access live tonight...
      Thanks for letting me know. I'm all about DWare!!!!!
      Adopted Bronco: DeMarcus Ware


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        Does anyone know if it only airs on NFL Network? Or is there a way to view this for those that don't have cable?


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          Saw some previous which look awesome. I especially liked the part about the jumbled O-line throughout the season...


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            Steve Sabol would be proud

            by Peter King


            As NFL Films so often does, you’ll see a great telling of the Denver Super Bowl story Wednesday night—first through the eyes of the coaches (“Worth the Wait,” 8 p.m. ET, NFL Network), then in the season highlight show (“America’s Game: 2015 Broncos,” 9 p.m. ET, NFL Network). I screened the coaches’ show, modeled after the Patriots’ “Do Your Job” show last year, which was excellent. I found a few telling things in “Worth the Wait,” produced by Krys Wong and Adam Ryan, most notably the play-by-play of Kubiak yanking Peyton Manning after Manning missed two days of practice with a sore foot that week and then threw four interceptions in the first half against Kansas City. There’s no science to these things, the difficult decisions a coach makes. They’re gut things, and no textbook way to tell a player. Here’s how Kubiak told Manning he was yanking him:

            Kubiak: ”Hey dude, just listen to me talk, okay? Hey, this is on me. I got you, okay?”

            Manning: “All right.”

            Kubiak: “I can’t [put] you out there and get you hurt. You understand that?”

            Manning: “Yup.”

            Kubiak: “I had no business putting you out there today anyway, okay?”

            Manning: “All right.”

            Kubiak: “All right, we’ll get through it. Fair enough?”

            Manning: “Yes sir.”

            Kubiak: “Okay.”

            As Kubiak said later: “I was a little disappointed in myself, I felt bad about putting him out there to be honest. I didn’t think he was ready to play.”

            * * *

            There is some terrific real football in here. Kubiak, offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and tight ends coach Brian Pariani had been in Baltimore the previous year, when the Ravens went to New England for a playoff game. In that game, the Ravens called a play from the Patriots’ 11-yard line for tight end Owen Daniels to run up the seam against New England’s physical linebacker, Dont’a Hightower. Daniels was a physical match for Hightower, and he won the ball in the end zone for a touchdown. So in the Denver-New England AFC Championship Game, exactly 53 weeks later, with the core of the 2014 Ravens offensive staff in Denver now, the Broncos lined up at the New England 21 early in a scoreless game.

            Amazing, the similarities, this time two time zones away.

            Daniels and Kubiak and Dennison and Pariani in Denver now. Daniels on Hightower—again. This time Daniels flexed into motion across the formation. “They do a great job in beating people up at the line of scrimmage,” Kubiak said in the show. “This time we moved Owen across the ball, to keep him from getting beat up.”

            Just then, NFL Films captured Belichick on the New England sideline, from a moment he had previously with the linebackers: “81’s their go-to guy in the red area, okay?”

            So Daniels moved away from Hightower, at the left of the formation, to the right, in a gap between Jamie Collins and Rob Ninkovich. As Daniels left the line and ran straight upfield, bisecting Collins and Ninkovich, neither followed him. Mistake in coverage, obviously. With Hightower nowhere in sight, Manning hit an open Daniels for the first points in the narrow win that sent the Broncos to the Super Bowl. Great storyline, and great camera work, on a play that was crucial to Denver winning a world championship.

            Two other audio things stuck out. After the crucial Denver strip of Cam Newton in the Super Bowl that gave Denver a short field, running back C.J. Anderson stopped on his way to the field and, wide-eyed, pleaded with Kubiak: “Give it to me! Give it to me!” Kubiak called his number. Touchdown. And after the Super Bowl, Kubiak, in a moment with John Elway on the field in Santa Clara, referenced his previous NFL bling, and winning the Super Bowl as a head coach now. “Those three rings I have?” Kubiak said. “My boys can have ’em. This one’s mine, baby! This one’s mine!”

            It’s high praise indeed to say this show approaches the storytelling and inside access of “Do Your Job.” It’s well worth your hour Wednesday night.


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              That was great to watch.....I didn't know Von hyper-extended his knee during the Superbowl.
              I support Kaepernick 100%


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                I still cannot find this thing for purchase. Has anyone else had any luck? Isn't it weird that the dvd hasn't been circulated?


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                  Originally posted by Joshua2585 View Post
                  I still cannot find this thing for purchase. Has anyone else had any luck? Isn't it weird that the dvd hasn't been circulated?
                  NFL Films produced this special and it was on NFL Network. I looked on YouTube and there are segments you can watch however not sure if the entire video is available.

                  I glanced at and they have a special order process. Maybe you can order a copy through NFL Films.


                  Mods - hope this was alright to post.

                  Good luck and I’ll do a little more research to see if I can find anything else.