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    Originally posted by MarshallMoss View Post
    If you had to pick one way or the other for this year (not a balance between them both) which way would you choose?

    Ok, it will be interesting to hear how Broncos fans feel about how we go about this offseason.

    There are many who say when you have momentum you ride it as hard as you can till it's gone. Life is cycles so make sure you double down hard when the good times come.

    Than there is the philosophy of just want to do enough every year to give us a shot while not jeopardizing the future...nothing is done too extreme...consistency is the name of this game and if you give your team a chance to be competitive anything can happen.

    I personally would take the Win From Now On approach because I don't think I could handle a few years of Cleveland Browns like status. I think at times we've used a balance of the two philosophies when we had momentum.

    But what would you do for this year? (For the sake of the poll there isn't an option for a balance of the two, one or the other)
    It wasn't luck. It was destiny. That's because you are a Champ and you roll with CHAMPS... that's it that's the final say on this. Were all champs...