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Broncos: the team that can attract great value players.

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    Originally posted by MHSalute View Post
    GB constantly keeps guys below market: Nelson, Cobb, Daniels, and Matthews all stayed for less than they would have got on the market, yet we paid Clady and DT top 5 money. VM will command top $$$ for OLB and MJ now wants top 3 Money for DE.

    Not sure we attract "value" guys
    Clady turned out to be more injury prone than expected...that happens. There's no crystal ball that's 100% accurate to predict that. Clady was paid fair market value, considering his skills and position. He came into the league highly touted, was the first lineman to win the best player of the week award in his rookie season, was rated at #1 OT in the league in 2009, made the pro bowl. He tore his achilles for 2010. However, he played all games in 2011, and in 2012 allowed only one sack. Then he was signed as one of the top OT tackles in the league. Not sure how that was wrong. Nobody knew he'd struggle with his health based on how he came back from injury. I also wouldn't say he doesn't have a motor, either. Maybe you can explain your comment about him? 20/20 hindsight doesn't count.

    DT might have been a mistake. No team is perfect.

    For the most part, I think the Broncos succeed more than fail with their players. Ware, Ward, Talib, and Sanders are some of several on the club who came here saying they wanted to be here because they believe this team could win.


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      Profootballtalk reports he has an offer of 10 mil per on the table.


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        Originally posted by Chrissy View Post
        Look to us this is entertainment but its a business. And when it comes to the SB's there are 30 teams that won it in 50 years, so the odds are against winning it. Yes the Broncos have 3 but still, I'm not saying pay everybody what they want , no team can afford that but the reality is these guys who won a ring are going to make it more about money , again 30 teams out of 50 years and imo its their right. Very few play just for the love of the game.
        The reason they get more money is because other teams want to win so they pay the price..its simple,, if the owners kept it even across the board it wouldn't be an issue but again its a business and these guys are benefiting from it the best they can. And if I was them I would too, we all would. Its easy for somebody like us to say what they should and shouldn't be paid..its not our money.
        I never said he should accept less, Im saying hes not in JJ Watts league. Your the one that thinks Jackson should be paid more because JJ Watt is getting paid low because he never won a superbowl, players on losing team wants to be paid too, its not all about winning a superbowl other wise why the hell would JJ Watt resign with the Texans? JJ watt would draw more teams than Jackson will even if JJ Watt hasnt step foot in the superbowl. JJ watt sign for the money.
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