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Conservative Play Calling was reason Manning was not normal Manning

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    I really like vanilla pudding.
    Games benched for cheating.... Tom Brady = 4 Peyton Manning = 0
    Accept it or seek therapy !


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      I think it's hilarious that people still complain about play calling and Mannings play. We won the ship guys, it's over. There's nothing else to achieve. No need to look back now, we were the best team in the league.

      Enjoy it


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        People need to realize that manning was done. His body was failing him, his balls were fluttering on easy short throws. Hell, If you watch in slow motion peyton throwing a simple 10 yard button hook he was grimacing like he was throwing a 60 yard hail Mary. It's tough to see all time Greats retire, just ask any of us fans who watched #7 retire. And that was on the heels of a game where he was throwing bombs and darts as well as ever. In my mind I felt he could easily come back and have a legit shot at 3 in a row. But elway knew his body couldn't take the grind anymore. It's a bummer but such as life in the world of the nfl


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          New system 20%. Health issues 80%. He disclosed after the SB that he wore a special orthotic in the shoe of his injured foot throughout the playoffs - something to keep the plantar fasciitis at bay. Between the foot and the nerve damage to his neck/arm, which I think was re-aggravated midway through the 2014 season, it's amazing he could summon enough to get through the playoffs. Hats off to him especially since it ended the way we all wanted.

          He is done as an NFL player. Best wishes on his new career(s).

          Edit: I will say this. He still could have put up better stats in the playoff run if Kubiak hadn't been so conservative. But stats shmats, Kubiak's conservatism along with our great defense was the right formula.
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            The guy has been cooked for so anyone still can't clearly see this is just unreal