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So Why Weren't They All Just Simply Extended???

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    Originally posted by chad72 View Post
    At the end of the 2014 season, after seeing Peyton banged up and his performance wane down the stretch, if Elway extended Brock for 2 years at (say) $8 mil. a year, he would be sitting pretty now. It is a valid question to ask regarding the QB position because Brock would have had no inkling that he would be able to start 7 games in 2015.

    Malik Jackson and Trevathan, I doubt would have taken something without testing the market. Peyton's retirement, however, was something that would not have been anticipated since Peyton was under contract through 2016. That is why I feel Elway should have gotten Brock easily. That was a botched job by Elway, IMO.
    I don't think Elway or anyone on this forums envisioned Manning stinking so bad this year either. I bet if Elway had known, he would of done what ever it took to get that extension Os. Manning pretty much went from Legendary to one of the worst QBs in the league (athletic wise) in a span of one year pretty much. BOTTOM LINE IS OS DIDN'T PLAY WELL ENOUGH TO SECURE THE JOB MANNING. If Elway and Kubs thought otherwise, they would of done what it took to secure a franchise QB. Don't you think they understand what that means better than anyone else? Problem is, Os is still too much of a question mark. Even analyst are saying the same thing.
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      Because hindsight is 20/20


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        I wondered the same thing, it's so easy to resign these guys on Madden, what gives? Heck I got Von to sign for 14 a year, Malik for 6, and Oz for 5. Stupid agents...
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          Because players have agents. I think Malik would have signed a contract similar to wolfes but of course his agent (doing his job) wouldn't allow that. I also think von miller would sign a deal that Malik got (6yr 90mil) but his agent wont allow that.


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            They will all say they have to "provide for their families" but lets be honest, they aren't talking about "providing" like the average American does for their families. I don't think Osweiler wanted to sign a contract with the broncos period and Malik said he would go to the highest bidder, which he did. CJ is being offered money (like Oz) that is just too much for what he did this year. We should have some money to fix the line up and bring in a running back of Elway's choosing. We have a lot of talent left on the d-line and we will still be successful.


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              There's a lot of things that happen on a football team that we don't see on the field as well. And let's face it, teams are paying superstar money for decent players.

              For example, how many double-teams has Malik faced as a Denver Bronco? You can probably count them on one hand. So he's never been "the guy" on a Defensive front before. Now he is. He's going to see double-teams all of the time now. Will he be the player they paid for? I don't think he will. Houston paying what they did for Osweiller really screwed up the QB market. Now you have guys like Fitzpatrick out there saying, "Wait! I've played more than 7 games and I didn't get benched! I should get more than that guy!" And he's right. But who can afford to pay a middle of the road guy like a superstar? Houston apparently.


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                Originally posted by Mel B. View Post
                After we extended Wolfe during the season for a lot less then letting him hit the open market I expected we'd do the same with the majority of our other key upcoming free agents.

                Why the HELL didn't Elway do the same with everyone else is my question?

                Per Malik Jackson:


                “I think the Broncos are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place,” Jackson said. “They could have gotten me done, they could have got Danny done, the could have got Brock done for (next) to nothing and now we’ve all branched out…I don’t know what they’re doing. I know they let go a lot of key players but I know that defense is still going to be stout and I can’t wait to see them in the season when they come here.”
                They can not sign a player during the season without it being under the cap and frankly the money was not there until they finished the season and started cutting cap money.


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                  Elway is gonna have to dish out mega contracts in the near future for Von Miller, Brandon Marshall, and Bradley Roby. To make an omelet u have to break a few eggs. We are already paying DeMaryius and Chris Harris top 5 at their respective positions. Elway is prepping himself to get these guys signed so he isn't dumping mega deals on Brock Osweiler, who has not proven himself worthy, CJ is a RB, we will never pay a RB top dollar when our system consistently churns out production from low round draft picks. Does anyone really think Malik Jackson is worth 90 million? Vance Walker won't be much of a drop-off and is playing for peanuts, same goes for Trevathan, great player, but I think Todd Davis can be just as productive. Elway has a plan, after these past 5 seasons for anyone to still doubt him they have got to be a complete moron. He is the best GM in football, let the man work!


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                    Originally posted by MH Stampede View Post
                    Except I dont buy for a moment we could have extended everyone without paying through the nose.
                    Also Malik has been saying since the offseason 2015 that he was chasing the money. I believe his exact comment was to play so well Elway had to pay him a mega contract

                    That quote was either taken out of context or is a straight up lie

                    No way Malik or Brock were going to settle for anything less then the biggest possible contract and anyone who thinks different is being played a fool by someone
                    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play