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    Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE View Post
    Joey Galloway in Seattle.. got into a protracted holdout..
    and stayed out for half the season..
    came in late..
    played in the minimum games needed to satisfy the Franchise Tag.
    ( 8 games IIRC)
    and then once the crappy season was done,,
    he was a Free Agent and signed with Dallas.

    Just pay the man.

    Joey Galloway wasn't an exclusive franchise tag recipient, he was a guy with a valid contract who was holding out, back then the rule was that you had to report by week 8 to get credit for the year. After that the NFL changed the rules, the new date that you have to report to get credit for the year is at the end of August.

    After that season the Seahawks gave him the "exclusive franchise tag" and then traded him to the Cowboys for 2 first round picks.


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      Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE View Post
      He has an agent.
      Just pay the man.

      He is gonna want 65 million guaranteed..
      20 million a year.

      Just getit done.
      That would go a long way towards the future.
      It would help attract Free Agents..

      if not this year, next year.

      Do It.
      Seeing a protracted holdout over this contract would be crappy.
      Seeing Von miss all of camp would be crappy.
      seeing Von sit out some games.. would be crappy.

      Don't be crappy.
      I agree! The last time von missed quality time he cam back over weight and wound up tearing his knee up. I doubt the broncos or von and his agent want that scenario to play out again