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What were your key takeaways from the Broncos-Rams game?

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  • What were your key takeaways from the Broncos-Rams game?

    Enjoyed the game

    After seeing the game what were your key takeaways? Here are a few early thoughts and most interested in hearing from everyone in Broncos Country:

    Did anyone catch Ron Zappolo's comment on his interview with TJ Ward? He asked TJ if the Broncos defense could be better than last season and Ward replied, "I think it can be better, but it doesn't have to be because the offense will be better." Zappolo also called Virgil "Victor" on the touchdown pass.

    Siemian cemented his role as the starter to open 2016. Overall he played fine IMHO, not great by any stretch. Have to give him credit for poise in the pocket. Looks like he's making his progressions and avoiding starring down receivers. Opening with six straight runs without a first down made for a slow start. DT's drop and short pass that did not get to the 1st down stalled the offense. Siemian was lucky to not have another pick six. I think we'll need to keep expectations reasonable going forward and there will be ups and downs. Really liked the finish for the FG - nice job McManus.

    Offensive line struggled early but settled in through the first half. Garcia, Paradis and Stephenson were over-powered by the Rams early run plays. On 3rd and 1, Schofield could not get to the linebacker that took the angle to CJ - great play by the LB.

    Defense held the Rams out of the end zone. Overall looked solid. Seems like the Rams were getting a good push up front - not as dominant stopping the run. Really missed Wolfe's impact. Darian Stewart so close to a pick six! I was glad to see Melton playing - need to go back and see how he played first time out.

    Concerns: We need more than Virgil Green at TE. Lack of return threat on ST.


    Sanders is the heart of the offense.

    Dakota Watson's back to back sacks including bringing the QB down with one hand.

    Hillman made his case to be on the roster.

    Booker catching out of the backfield.

    Janovich block near the goal line...Hammerhead!

    Pictures from the game:

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    We're in trouble if Virgil gets hurt


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      Our depth at OLB is stupid.


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        I never did get a chance to watch the game, did Sanchez even get to play? if not doesn't that speak volumes about the coaching staff and their feeling toward him at this stage??


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          Originally posted by Broncos-R-Great View Post
          We're in trouble if Virgil gets hurt
          Why? We still have Victor who scored a TD last night.


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            Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post
            I never did get a chance to watch the game, did Sanchez even get to play? if not doesn't that speak volumes about the coaching staff and their feeling toward him at this stage??
            He did not play. I don't know that anyone truly knows what will happen with him. Maybe they wanted a long look at Lynch. Maybe they are planning to release him. All speculation at this time.


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              Lots of stuff, but wanted to point out that Schofield looked very good last night.


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                Dont try changing a dirty diaper while simultaniously trying to watch the game!

                Seriously though given how much turnover the o line has had, they seem way ahead of where they were last year at this time. Looks promising.

                Your not kidding about lb depth.
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                  Overall feeling optimistic about the season. Still a lot of improvement needed but I the overall talent is there to be competitive all season long. Fully expecting a another season of close games and finishes that are not decided until the very final tick of the clock. The question all season will be can the Broncos finish those games out as they did last year?

                  Just like a 50/50 ball on the grass, will the Broncos still be able to grab them?

                  - Defense looks even deeper then last year. Still swarming and making plays. Going to be a tough cut to 53.

                  - McManus is clutch. Going to need that possibly even more then this year.

                  - DT and Sanders look primed to have dynamic seasons when they get the ball

                  - finally seeing Green as a primary weapon. Hope that continues

                  - RBs looked solid in their cuts, hard running and pass protection. Another position that will have some difficult cuts

                  - another boneheaded play by Talib. Not going to be surprised when this guy misses several games

                  - o-line still struggling, although against a very good first team d-line. Luckily they will not be playing against top five d-lines every week. O-line looked good at times when a mix of second team front seven came into the second quarter. Were dominated on the 4th and 1. They did have success at at times with their chemistry and were opening holes for the running back . Not where I would like them to be but optimistic they will improve .

                  - Neither QB was impressive. Both struggled. Both were inconsistent and missed throws.

                  - Lynch made mistakes of inexperience. Was disappointed to see he did not get time with the first team. Majority of the players on the field with him are not likely to make the first cut let alone the final 53. But he did himself no favors missing throws.

                  - Siemian is winning this QB competition by default. He is consistently mediocre at best and that is the best the Broncos can hope for with him. Going to be a long season of 3 and outs and missed opportunities with him at QB.

                  - Rush game showed some signs of life last night. But until the Broncos can consistently win the LOS battles and the RBs can produce this offense will continue to be the anchor for this team. I keep hearing statements that the Broncos will be a good running team. So far they have not shown it. Going into the season they need to improve to keep the pressure of the QBs.

                  Luckily it is only the 3rd game of pre-season. Broncos have time to get better. They will need to with the schedule they will be playing.


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                    My takeaway is can any of these qbs we have on the roster put together a drive to win a game if we need them to. The Qb position we have seems like we are rolling the dice on these guys.

                    This is still a Sb caliber team and defense but I'm not comfortable with any of the guys who would drive it. Siemien ain't seen nothing yet and Sanchez can't get over his fumblitis issues.

                    My main concern is just the Qb position. I'd be comfortable of I saw something but I just didn't this pre-season. Sanchez blew it. Siemien I can't expect much from him being from Northwestern and a 7th round pick.

                    I guess Siemien would be who I'd go with but he'd be on a tight leash. I mean at least there may be upside with him. I think Sanchez over the years showed all he could show and won't get better no matter what system he's in.

                    All in all I'm nail biting all year because it should be very interesting to watch this team with the Qbs we have.


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                      Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
                      Our depth at OLB is stupid.
                      Elway's knack for finding LBs is unreal


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                        Our offensive line needs to play tougher in short yardage situations. Everything else looks good to me.

                        As far as QB goes I will take a realistic approach and take either of the three for what they are. I think as long as everyone hold realistic expectations and patience all will be good. Except some 0td multi int games. Expect games with less than 200 passing yards and a ton of 3 and outs. Its gonna get ugly sometimes.
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                          I thought Hillman made the most of his opportunities and may have done just enough to bump Bibbs.

                          Where was Shane Ray?

                          Talib may get some tough calls as it appears the officials may have an axe to grind against him.


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                            One thing I noticed, that surprised me a little, was that the Rams running game was looking pretty good without Gurley in there.


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                              Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post
                              I never did get a chance to watch the game, did Sanchez even get to play? if not doesn't that speak volumes about the coaching staff and their feeling toward him at this stage??
                              Kubes said he sat down with Sanchez in the morning and told him he wasn't playing because he knew what he can do and needed more playing time and more film on Trevor and Paxton.

                              Kubes said Sanchez was very professional about it and that this move did not indicate who was our team starter yet.
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