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Last 2 years.. Great adjustments

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    It is an incredible feeling to know that in any given game, preparation and scheme will not be an issue. We went a little soft for my taste at the end of the Bengal game, but quickly tightened the noose when we started giving up big chunks. I love our overall aggressiveness, and that the team has completely bought into the "kicking and screaming" mentality.
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      The first quarter, it seems like the Broncos are tryn to get a feel for what the other team is doing. As the game progresses, you can see the team making adjustments each quarter. I think that is a great plan. Play the game by quarters, dont game plan for the ENTIRE game, because the other team makes adjustments as well. Almost like a physical on field chess game.


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        Let's not forget, on offense a certain number of plays are scripted and run extensively against the scout defense. In three weeks there has been little to scout defenses on but that should improve. Scripted plays should help the offense initially with minimizing mistakes. Play may or may not work but that lets the offense see how the defense reacts to different formations and wrinkles. The better we can scout defenses the better I expect our first half of play to be.

        WCO lends itself well to reaction by design. Once the script runs out you have to pool your resulting knowledge and call plays from there. It's good and bad with Siemian. You'd expect him to look a little more comfortable early on. So far he and the offense have been sluggish early but later, especially against the Bengals, he looked like a vet at times, moving the ball effectively and efficiently. Still need red zone improvement but yesterday was a big step in the right direction.

        On Defense, we got burned early in the run and somehow could not contain the hobbled (didn't look like it) Dalton. Fortunately we were able to get in to a lead that forced the Bengals to pass more which plays to our strength right now. We are hurting against defending the run. Gostis plays young and not always sure, Crick just isn't Vance Walker. The coaches will need to get creative. I expect opposing teams will test the middle of the line often.


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          Originally posted by Ftblman View Post
          I cant think of a better coaching staff that makes better 2nd half adjustments. Just like last year, this past week proved again why the whole Bronco staff is the best their is. Between Kubiak and Phillips making adjustments at the half, this is a HUGE reason for winning all these close games. We have potential to be good for a really long time.:thumb:

          I just thought id share that. I didn't notice if anyone posted something similar..Thanks
          Nice thread!! Definitely a good source for discussion. I am BIG on a coaching staff that can make changes on the fly, and turn a game around. In a long, hard season, you need to win some close ones, and close ones are often the result of doing one or two things smarter than your opponent.