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D ick Vermeil Crying Of Joy?

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    This is funny... You can't say Vermeils first name here without it getting bleeped out ! Ha Ha !

    I guess that name could be used in other contexts huh?

    Peace, Hansolo
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      Originally posted by BigSky
      I'm glad you could see the humor in it. He is probably one hot flash away from retirement.
      John 11: 25-27

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      Thanks Snk16


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        Originally posted by TXBRONC
        He is probably one hot flash away from retirement.
        ...or one game against Denver.
        Go Denver. Period.


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          Re: Re: why do people post this thread?

          Originally posted by dhall26
          If you don't like this post, why do you keep reading it? I think your a thispostaphobic
          you kc fans are so freakin clever with your little jokes, it's just so damn cute. thispostaphobic, wow, do you write for will and grace?

          I never said that i didn't like the thread, I pretty much started the first thread that this topic was brought up in which if you critized vermiel for crying your an insensative jerk and now in this thread if you critize vermiel for crying your a homophobe. never did i once mention that crying in sports was wrong. nobody says vermiel sucks as a coach he's actually one of the better coaches in the league. my point to all this is how much is too much? at first when he did it with the rams you felt good that he won one and that he showed his emotions but now it's such a common occurence that i don't feel anything towards him because one does gets desensatized to his emotional crying.
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