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  • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    Scouting reports account for what happens on each down, distance and FP. This report governs the defensive call. Personnel package and formation for each D & D are noted as well. Since each down will be either run/PAP or pass/draw depending on the line steps, I wonder if offensive coaches ever consider making sure that their calls are 50/50 for each situation with no tendencies?

    If it was me, half the plays would be run and half would be PAP. Half the runs would be Zone Series and half would be angle blocked run plays. Each run play must have a PAP companion. The PAP in the Zone Series is off of Boot, and the QB should take Boot course after the meshpoint regardless if it is give or keep in order to show the same look.

    If all the plays show run steps, the defensive front will read and play run especially if half the plays in any given situation are run. If half the run plays are zone and half angle, the defense can't settle into a comfortable flow to the zone steps because they will be outnumbered at POA if it's angle.

    There must be a flaw in this type of thinking, and I'm counting on you and the other football X & O guys here to identify it.

    You can also play action off of inside zone (the FB would have to block the backside end) as well as off stretch (it would end up as a half roll) without booting back. The Broncos do run a lot of play action off of inside zone, it seems like the route progressions are WR running a post, TE or other receiver running a mid level crossing route and the FB running a release route.

    I know we're in agreement about the mix of the run game, and I would generally agree with you about the play action, but some runs just can't have a play action component to them simply because of the design. You can't really PA off of a FB dive (unless it's a quick seam route) and it's not easy to play action off of toss. And I would also say that you need a component of your passing game that isn't play action, if you're down 14 with 5 minutes left teams aren't going to bite on PA, so you don't need to run it.

    The way to get better as an offense, this year, in my mind would focus on 3 things:
    1. Mix in the angle blocking plays and have a nice variation of both.
    2. Start using schemes to creat mismatches in the passing game. Motion and aligning players in uncommon sots (Sanders lined up at TB) create all sorts of mismatches with the defense. Find the mismatch and exploit it.
    3. For whatever reason whenever Siemian boots, and keeps the ball, it seems like the backside end stays home and immediately goes to him. Because of this I would start bringing a player under the formation late and running a shovel pass in behind the DE. Teams have been pretty good at covering the TE/FB in the flat, so give them that, but also the FB or TE coming underneath, this should be a big play the first time they run it, and would loosen things up for the player in the flat as well as Siemian keeping the ball and running.


    • Originally posted by Buckeye Bronco View Post
      It's like WR and RB screens don't exist in Kub's offense. There needs to be playcalling to counter the all out pressure.
      Careful what you wish for. I remember when this board was pulling its collective hair out over Gase's WR screens that would die behind the LOS.


      • Originally posted by River Side View Post
        Careful what you wish for. I remember when this board was pulling its collective hair out over Gase's WR screens that would die behind the LOS.
        I agree but there is a difference between using them ocasionally or using them to mix up your 'traditional' playbook and calling them 3 plays out of 5 all season....