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So after week 10 what do you think of Trevor Siemian

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  • So after week 10 what do you think of Trevor Siemian

    After a very exciting game against the New Orleans Saints today but many three and outs on the Broncos part what does everybody think of Trevor Siemian now after week 10?

    No smack no disrespect I just want an honest opinion on whether or not this man can be the Broncos long term answer at quarterback?

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    Well, for as bad as he is, we're getting what we paid for. At least we're not paying him $72million to put up 89 yard passing, like Brock.

    To answer your question more directly,
    Keep him in. For as bad as it looks, it'll only look worse with Lynch in. It's not all on Trev though. The line in front of him is garbage and the coaching hasn't been the best. He's doing the best managing a bad situation all around. He's a bridge quarterback and I respect his effort.


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      Lol. Can't wait to see where his goes


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        He's a below average, inconsistent QB, just like the 2 Broncos QBs from last season.

        The silver lining is that the Broncos aren't committed to him, nor are they wasting any of the cap on him.

        To be fair, as bad as he has been(same applies to last year's Peyton and Assweiler), the offensive line and run game are pathetic.


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          He did enough to win against drew Bree's on the road.


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            Let's see what AJ Derby can do under center.


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              I was ready to bench him, especially after the second INT, however he rebounded nicely from that, collected himself and showed poise. I would keep the status quo for after the bye week.


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                SO up and down with him.

                He can be horribly inaccurate and throws to very bad places.

                He has a quick release which helps with this O-line.

                I think to assess him I would love to see him behind an Oline that gives him even an average amount of time.


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                  Reminds me of Kyle Orton..


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                    Typical learning curve for his experience, but has a lot of potential. Can make all the necessary throws and has a quick release. They need to get into tempo rhythm passing. Really played well in the closing drives, even when he was getting hit virtually every play. Doesn't have the o-line to do much better.

                    Two bone-headed throws (the int #2 and the one in triple coverage to Virgin Green). First pick was just a great play by the DB. But he made a lot of needed throws too, that's how it works.


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                      I think Trevor but imo the coaches put too much on his shoulders. We should be running the ball more imo

                      There is a line of thought that says the more experience we get passing the ball now the better we will be down the road but I do not think we win in the playoffs by passing...we better be able to run the ball or else the playoff run...if we make one...will be short.

                      Defense lost too much talent to carry us again

                      imo this offseason we need to get serious about the OL if we want to get our offense rolling
                      Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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                        While I don't think Siemian will ever be anything special, I don't think it's fair to rely on him to carry an offense that can't block or run the ball.

                        I said the same thing regarding Manning and Osweiler, last year.

                        None of these QBs are good, but the problem is exacerbated when they're asked to carry an offense.


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                          He has the skills of a great qb playing behind a horrific offensive line. I really don't understand how people can't see that.


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                            Originally posted by JW7 View Post
                            He has the skills of a great qb playing behind a horrific offensive line. I really don't understand how people can't see that.
                            I also think he has a much higher ceiling than people realize, but the psychology of the situation is such that no one wants to let him develop because Paxton is on the sideline. It's unfair and ridiculous.

                            Obviously it's inconsistent now because he's still learning, the run game is awful, the oline is awful, the playcalling is usually awful, and our playmakers on the outside are inconsistent at getting separation.


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                              I agree he is playing behind a terrible o-line.

                              Still, he has a tendency to become erratic at times. He throws into coverage too often - even without pressure.

                              I like the kid and I'd be interested to see how he looks behind an NFL caliber o-line.

                              I personally don't think he looks super talented, but willing to see more.