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    Red Miller's winning percentage (.63) is higher than Reeves (.59), and Reeves had Elway.

    It's interesting that none of the QBs in Denver's Ring of Fame (Frank Tripucka, Charley Johnson, Craig Morton, John Elway) were drafted by the Broncos.
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      Shanahan: Might be the best X’s and O’s coach we had. He was a master at game planning and creating mismatches. When he got his second shot as a HC, he burst onto the scene and many considered him ahead of the rest of the coaches. Teams struggled to catch up to his system. Shanahan was very creative and put his team in the best situation to win. I think the tandem of him and Gary Kubiak was probably greater than many of us realized. Shanahan was the ego driven mad scientist and Kubiak was the balanced, level-headed young OC who buffered his players.

      His downfall was two-fold. The obvious is he couldn’t draft worth a darn and the other is he thought too much of himself and system and thought he could plug anyone into his system and succeed. He was partially right in that he put sub-par talent on the field year in and year out, but managed to coach them up to a better than sub-par talent level. Had Shanahan been able to draft, or had a true GM, he might be in that conversation with BB as the greatest coach ever.

      Kubiak: I think time may prove that Kubiak was a bigger piece of that late 90’s team than we realize. His first stint as Denver’s HC gave us our 3rd championship. All championships here in Denver have 2 things in common: Elway and Kubiak were a part of both. We have not won one without either of them in some capacity of the team. I believe Kubiak has greatly matured since his original time with Denver. He is such a stable person that every player knows exactly what you get with him.

      His weakness is odd considering it is supposed to be his strength. His offense stinks. The blocking is suspect and his play calling lacks creativity. I think this is where he and Shanahan were brilliant together. Shanahan was more creative and Kubiak is more predictable. I believe Kubiak has all the right stuff, but he may have a few coaches on his offense in the wrong positions. He needs a creative mind as his OC and should put RICO back to the OL. If Kubiak can get his supposed strength going with the current strength of this defense, he will put another trophy in Denver.


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        Just seeing this now, yes that is it, thank you!!!