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    Pax is a younger more agile version of a young Big Ben - Simaler type of player.
    Not identical but close enough that several scouts compared the two after Paxton's work out. Pax has a big arm and can make all the throws plus he can move around.
    I love Trevor but Pax is our future and the future is NOW!!


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      First and foremost, you want Paxton to be a pocket passer, not a running QB a la VIck. He is not built like Big Ben or Cam to take those shots because when the defense see QB becoming a running QB it is in their best interest to hit hard and possibly even risk a late hit penalty. Just ask Cam about that. Paxton looked lost in his last start, so he needs to get that passing plays down, use his arm not his legs unless to break away from pressure and keep the play alive like Russell Wilson does. If we were talking about Tim Tebow, that would be different.
      My new favorite Bronco - KJ Hamler Guy plays inspiring football!.


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        Zero designed QB runs? Good. Let's keep it that way.

        If this offense had run plays for the QB, I'd rather see the option read because at least it keeps the defense guessing. Kubiak's offense already has the bootlegs that give the QB plenty of opportunities to run with the ball.

        Lynch can also improvise and run when he sees an opening. I think that's better than using him as a designed runner and turning him into a target. He might be able to dive at the goal line to score TDs like Cam Newton, but I don't want to see Lynch as the lead runner on power runs.

        Besides, Lynch does not look very strong physically to take this kind of punishment. He's tall but lanky.