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Paxton Lynch is going to start on Sunday

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  • Originally posted by Broncodoodle View Post
    Done. Went back and saw that those guys had great zip on their ball, with solid footwork; both had something you could look at and go, "there is something special there..."
    I'm stating that I just don't see anything worth building the franchise around.
    Now mojo just stated that it could be this system that makes him look worse... He might be right...
    Keep in mind that the spread wasn't so popular when those guys were in college, so they entered the league with significantly better footwork on their dropbacks and they knew how to call plays in the huddle. None of which Paxton did in college.


    • Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
      It's two starts in his rookie season. Go have a look at Manning's first two starts, or Drew Brees' first 3 seasons. I'm sure people on here would have given up on those two quickly.
      Well, a more reasonable comparison might be Tim Tebow - aka - the worst QB to ever enter the league and one that according to many pundits could not "hit the broad side of a barn" in spite of putting a 308 yard game and the then largest comeback victory in Bronco history together in his second start and progressing to the best 16 game stretch (results only) of any Rookie/First time starter in Bronco history.

      We are at a point where we can fairly compare Paxton to a 2006 Jay Cutler or a 2010 Tim Tebow, but the more generous comparison might be an early 1983 John Elway.

      I hope that this makes people appreciate Trevor, whom I think is doing an exceptional job of playing the game mentally. As much as I miss the physicality of the Tebow starts and the amazing red zone efficiency/big play ability, I think Trevor has some of the key mental composition that made Peyton and an early Tom Brady such great competitors. It does not seem like the mental game is to big for Trevor, albeit, it still seems like he gets surprised at the athletic abilities of the defenders.


      • Originally posted by samparnell View Post
        He has a strong arm and is mobile. Footwork needs improvement and is fixable which will help accuracy. Better pass protection would help that, too. Decision making is improving which shows increasing command of the offense. Most of all he needs reps. I expect the QB competition to resume in the Spring. Better O-Line play and an effective rushing attack would facilitate the play action game. That requires putting the ball into play from under center, and he is improving in that area, too.
        Paxton has a lot of mechanical issues - a very long delivery, and the way he sets his feet for deep passes are very slow irrespective of which side he does it to. Plummer could throw passes on the move rolling out both left and right and did not need time to set up. Tebow did the same to the left but had the same issues setting up at Paxton when going to the right.

        Paxton does have a strong arm, but the job is to hit the receivers deep - not throw the ball deep and PL's accuracy is poor.

        One of the tings Elway had was that he was as slow as Paxton (or Tebow) to read the field and missed as much, but once he decided to pass the ball anywhere it was a lightening fast release - probably 0.2 - 0.4 sec faster than both Lynch and Tebow.

        In the end Paxton has good tools, he has the full support of coaches and management, and there is no reason for a QB controversy because Trevor is much much better. The thing that we are missing like crazy is the run game.


        • Thought he looked like a rookie in his 2nd start. I will say that while we were running out scripted plays he looked much more comfortable and in control, he was playing pretty well for his 2nd start. The deep pass to DT was bad, looked to be a timing issue but he learned his lesson and put it just a little too far in front of Sanders later. Siemian was missing these same throws early in the season but he was hitting them against KC.

          There are definitely some tools there to work with.