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Broncos vs. Pats just got a little more interesting with Gronk injury.

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    Everyone in the division- x6 games
    Everyone in 1 NFC division (rotating)- x4 games
    Everyone in 1 AFC division - x4 games
    Same place finish from other 2 AFC divisions - x2 games

    Total 16 games

    The Pats win their division every year, we won it the ;last 5. For some reason they always seem to fit the criteria in some way. Though I remember a few seasons in the early-mid 2000s when we didn't play each other and we were hungover from the Superbowls and the Brian Griese era.
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    You've got to know when to sack em...


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      So then comes next year. If we lose our division we still play the Pats next year because its an AFC East year for the AFC West.
      You should leave a Bronco game at Mile High with little to no voice...


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        Next year will be in denver as well, as as last time afc east played afc west in 2014 the game was in NE


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          Next year
          Home-pats,jets,cheifs,raider,schargers,dallas,ginats, and afc north same place finisher
          Away-bills,dolphins,cheif,raider,charger,washington,phi lly,afc south same place