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Oline issues or Booker issues??

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    Originally posted by XterraRob View Post
    Booker has been injured this season and is new to the NFL - how much do you really expect from him?
    A lot. He was a guy who would have been a likely 2nd or early 3rd round if he wasn't hurt. So I expect a fair amount. He also ran his mouth early in the season saying he's gunning for the starting role...

    So yea I expect more from him then we're getting now.


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      Originally posted by Buckeye Bronco View Post
      My 2 cents...

      - The reason we run A gap runs so often is that the OTs, especially the RT is A glaring issue! Also when we've used multiple TEs it's hard to have consistency on setting the edge and not tipping your hand with personnel.

      - CJ is not an top RB, Booker is even less so. What I don't understand is why they have drafted smaller RBs. This offense needs more physicality. A bigger back that can get the hard yards, block, and plant his foot to change direction to run down hill.

      - The Broncos admin has done a terrible job drafting for the offensive line. It's been bad for years.
      I'm going to say it again. We have that power back...his name is Terrell Watson. I think Booker needs to be a third string back now and take some time learning and watching.
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        Agreed, he is not ready, maybe he will bei n the future but right now booker is done and should be put on the back burner.
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