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Comparing Broncos Last Year To This.....But Tomorrow Is What Matters

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    Offense needs a alpha type coach to teach these wimps how to be a man in the NFL player sense of the word. Get a drill instructor if needed.

    Tired of these players looking like they are not even trying to block or catch passes on a weekly basis.

    Also wonder why Alex Gibbs figured out how to use the RBs to help the OL AND be a check down on plays yet the current coaching staff seems to think it is one way or another. Like the concept of Rb/TE chips as they go out on a passing route is a dead art in Denver or something

    Have said this many times but the OL coach needs to go...he has sucked at his job under two Denver Head Coaches now.
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play