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    Originally posted by Sam_Z View Post
    This is all Kubiak's fault I'm sorry to say. But he is the head coach and this coaching staff has zero confidence in this team's ability on offense. Demerius Thomas said after the game that it's about being aggressive and letting loose I've been saying all season the Kubiak has had the handcuffs on these guys they should've opened up the playbook and went down the field.

    Gary Kubiak has lost this locker room mainly in part because he says one thing and does another I'm not calling him a liar will leave that to the players but how can they trust him anymore after this. While this team is been fractured and it's Kubiak's fault and I'm not sure he can stay on board and regain their trust.

    And what the hell was Russell Okung thinking by standing up and addressing the teams already?
    It's being reported that the defense took serious offense to whatever it was that Okung said but when you play the way the offensive line has played, you do not have the right to stand up and address the team. I can see if he stood up to apologize but they haven't reported anything like that.
    Yup. If his words were: "I'm beyond words to describe my embarassment and apology for how bad I've played... how bad we on the offensive line have played". And "I'd like to give a major portion of my salary to the defense". Then alright. But otherwise he should have crawled off to lick his wounds in shame and silence.