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I'm convinced that this is the greatest defense of all time!

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    Originally posted by theone View Post
    2013 Seattle allowed the 49ers to drive on them in the nfc title game on the final drive. Guess they don't hit your standards. The 2006 Steelers allowed Indy to get into fg range and lucked out on Vanderjagt choking. In 2008 they gave up a td that surrendered the lead in the SB against Arizona. I guess the Steelers don't hit your standard of excellence either. The 2001 Ravens allowed the Titans to get into fg range in the divisional round in the 4th in a tied game. Guess we can cross them off your list as well.

    All in all...Your standards are laughable. The fact that you are discrediting last years Bronco D and looking for reasons to do it means:

    1.) You aren't a Broncos fan
    2.) You are a miserable person who always looks for reasons to be miserable
    And to further disprove your claim that I am just trolling against the Broncos, ask me who the greatest offense ever is. 2013 Broncos. They set several records which substantiate their claim. So I am not out to diminish our achievements...I am just an objective realist.