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    Originally posted by Broncos-R-Great View Post
    Who would you have picked up during the offseason that would've improved the line? Elway did make moves, they just ended up being the wrong moves, and ultimately I don't think there was anybody out there who we could've realistically gotten that would've helped.

    Maybe we should've just kept Clady (with his scary injury history). Maybe we draft an o-lineman in the 1st instead of a project QB. Maybe we try to trade our 1st for Joe Thomas. We have the power of hindsight now, at the start of the season though, most thought Okung and Stephenson were going to be improvements. Had we known what we know now, I'm sure different moves would've been made
    Any of those moves could've been made. If they loved Semian as much as they claimed, why take Lynch, who everyone saw as a long term hopeful project over an O lineman. Joe Thomas for a 1st rounder should've definitely been on the radar seeing how weak our Oline was and with a young QB. Offensive lineman are so critical, I don't think anyone would've panicked over a high price move in the preseason


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      We lost Manning and Os leaving us with virtually 2 rookie QB;s . We lost cj to injury. We lost Cromarte and Wolf .......... I was thinking before the season began that we would go 10-6 0r 11-5 without any injuries. I don'y like our record but it really was pretty predictable. We will win the Division next year asTrevor matures and we beef up the oline. We lost several games stupidly this year.


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        Because other AFC teams are as shaky as the Broncos, we're still in the playoff hunt. Denver is fading down the stretch, that's for sure, but let's not pretend the AFC is full of powerhouses.