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Gary Kubiak Appreciation Thread

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  • Gary Kubiak Appreciation Thread

    With the news of his possible departure due to health reasons. I thought we should have a tread dedicated to thanking Gary Kubiak. The man has done a lot for this team in his life and I thank him for that.

    Thank you coach!!!

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    Thanks for everything you've done for us Kubes. You will always be a part of Broncos Country and part of our 3 SB championships as a HC and OC.

    Take care of yourself!
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      Thanks for another great run Coach!

      Best of luck and health in the future


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        I really do appreciate everything he has done for this organization! He is and was an integral part of all 3 SB victories. Get well Coach and keep your family and health in mind.
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          Thanks for your time and stay well Kubes


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            Thanks for the cookie last year Kubes.

            Your health is more important then anything else. It's time to enjoy your family.


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              The man has pretty much to accomplished all that you can accomplish in this league is Coach. His health comes first and I wish him the best he's had a successful coaching career.


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                Thanks Coach Kubiak for what you accomplished in Denver - Superbowl 50, your role in the first two championships and your time as a backup QB. You are a class act and highly respected for all the right reasons. Wishing you all the best!


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                  Despite how important the defense was to the SB run, Kubiak deserves all the credit in the world for how he handled the Peyton Manning situation. It was a very unenviable situation, and he handled it in the best way possible. It was difficult to bench Oz, and even tougher (or gutsier) to roll with Peyton for the playoffs.

                  Regardless of how today goes, the non-losing season streak will still be intact. Relax and enjoy retirement with your family, coach. Thanks for everything!


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                    Wow, a Gary Kubiak appreciation thread! I guess he doesn't get one of those until we think he's retiring from coaching.

                    Football coaching at any level is stressful. If it's a choice between coaching and health, Gary should opt for the latter.

                    Kubiak's accomplishments in the NFL speak for themselves.

                    Nice work, Coach. :clap:
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                      I hope he can take some time off and they find a spot for him in the organization. He's a Bronco and should be part of the team in some capacity.


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                        If it is true I hope its strictly health concerns. Kubes is not 100 to be blamed for this season. His offense can still work look at Flacco two years ago and the Falcons run the west coast too

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                          I appreciate what Kubes brought to this team from start to finish.

                          From a fill in start for Elway in Washington to OC of back to back Super Bowls to HC of a Super Bowl winning team.

                          The man is pure class and a great coach

                          Thanks Kubes

                          Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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                            Originally posted by Rancid View Post
                            I hope he can take some time off and they find a spot for him in the organization. He's a Bronco and should be part of the team in some capacity.
                            I agree. Best of health and best of luck in whatever you decide to do in the future, coach.:lombardi:


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                              Thank you, Gary!

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