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    Originally posted by chad72 View Post
    I understand the window of a great D but if I am Elway, I'd retool the D as well to keep enough pieces in place for the future continuation of the dominance of the D. Unless it is a team friendly deal, the idea of Romo should not be entertained.

    However, Elway has to play the public stance of being uninterested. Once June comes along, every owner will dare Jerry Jones to blink and he will cut Romo loose. Once that happens, the ball is in Romo's court and he is vet enough to learn any offense between June and September.
    The Broncos’ defensive rankings are weird to see in succession. Total defense: fourth. Scoring defense: fourth. Passing defense: first. Sacks: third. Turnovers: seventh. Defensive touchdowns: third. Rushing defense: 28th.

    Only need a few tweaks.

    Regarding Romo, i think Dallas will make a move before June, it's cap situation is pretty bad. And they have some key FA's. it's clearly Dak's team now.

    But even if he was cut, only way he came to Denver is if he took a team-friendly deal so Elway could upgrade other spots on the team.


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      Originally posted by MHOC View Post
      Just rewatched SB50 which makes me happy, but to see how much turnover on the staff and roster makes me sad. Even before the season ended just how diff the Oline QB and defense changed.

      Hopefully we will be back for 52!
      I certainly felt the same way in 1999 after winning 2 in a row! Oh, I naively thought that with Bubby Brister taking over at QB we would have a chance, it was a lot of the same players that we had from the previous year!!! After all, he filled in well in 1998 for Elway when he got hurt, and he actually had a BETTER QB rating. But, as we all remember this was a pipedream. That's the nature of the beast, that is why when you are on top of the mountain, like we were in 1996-1998, and then again in 2012-2015, you BETTER enjoy it, cause in the NFL it is NotForLong!!!:lombardi:
      sigpicoh YEAH?