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Week 3 Power Rankings: So, About Sunday…

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  • Week 3 Power Rankings: So, About Sunday…

    Let’s be honest, no one expected Sunday to go the way it did. Be it for our game or for a few others. Some of the games on Sunday were just down right cruel and hard to watch (Looking at you GB), others were hilariously predictable and satisfying (I’m singing your song Bolts). But enough with the intro jibber jabber, let’s do this.



    Was anyone expecting a different outcome in the Oakland game. They might as well been playing a group of tackling dummies, doesn’t change the fact that this team is scary good. We have a real problem on our hands.

    KC struggled all game and it wasn’t until a costly turnover by the Eagles did they really take control. This is a solid team but they are not as good as they let on, but they are playoff contenders for sure.

    Yea yea yea, playing a garbage team with a garbage defense. In other news, Gronk hurt his groin. Make of that what you will.

    Okay so for anyone watching this game, it was more of an implosion of cheese than a domination of fowls. Rodgers hammered in the final nail when he threw that backward pass into nothing and it was returned for a dirty TD. I cringed hard when I saw that play. I saw some serious Rodgers Face this game that can definitely stand up to Manning Face. Atlanta needed this win to help bolster the idea that they are good, but we will never forget February guys…

    Can we call the Steelers lucky and not sound salty? I mean really, instead of going up against stud of the week Bradford, they got scrub of the week Keenum. No one expected the Vikings to win. How can you win when you have not one, but two 1st string QBs on your bench injured! Minnesota is the valley of death for QBs I’ll tell you.



    Beatdowns suck, unless we are applying them. This was particularly sweet because we held their “falling” star RB to 8 yards. I guess no one told him that Jerry Jones (OMG his face all game was what I expect Heaven to look like!) muscled a stay on his suspension, or maybe he is playing with a guilty conscience? Either way he got gobbled up by our defense. We lost Bolles which is going to hurt big time (thankfully only a few weeks), the pain on his face indicated to me that it’s season ending, but it isn't. In good news though, we pushed around the best offensive line in the league like a bunch of chumps, and it was Miller Time all day baby!

    Already discussed the funky cheese up above.

    Staffy did enough to garner him 2 TDs last night, on a little over 100 yards passing. A win is a win and it wasn't a lucky win, they won comfortably. Me likey the Staffy. I will continue to say every week, he's a likable guy. Reminds me of Kurt Warner in that aspect, how can you not like a guy like that?!?!

    Can we even count a squeaker of a win against the 49ers a win? How are we suppose to take this team seriously when they got molly whopped the week before by a team who got molly whopped this week, and when they could barely take down a Brian Hoyer led SF team? Sorry I am voiding your win Seattle, and as for you SF… I’ll get to you when I reach the bottom of this list!

    Why hello TB. Guess that week 1 bye really shot some life into ya. Impressive showing against a rebuilding team but impressive none the less. I expect them to do this kind of thing a lot this year. Loot and pillage sorry down on their luck teams, and sail away into the land of hurricanes. Seriously, Florida might get hit again. At least they have that boat in their endzone. Bad taste joke? Meh.



    Solid showing from Baltimore against a team that doesn't know if it really wants to be good. Baltimore were clicking in most positions but they need to clean up a few things if they want to be a contender in January.

    Oh Dallas, one of your fans wrote that cowboys are suppose to break "ponies", but I guess those orange bucking stallions were too much for you. Maybe try bigger spurs next time. Go lick your wounds and figure out what kind of team you want to be, because a top 15 team you are not in my opinion.

    Titans looked amazing. Don't need to sugarcoat it, they looked good!

    Man Philly, what a slog of a game. You could have won it if not for those meddling turnovers. Thanks for nothing!

    Heroes of the week? I think so since the Eagles and Jets (no surprise there) failed, the Fins get a Mile High Salute from me for beating the Chargers in the most confusing yet hilariously way ever!



    Meh. I'll just leave this here.

    Not giving up on your Vikings. Your stud QB was out this week, and you guys might be the only team ever who have 2 legit 1st string QBs on your roster who are both hurt. Fix this issue!

    Redskins played a great game, and overall, this was a fun game to watch. That's all I got, but good win Skins!

    Squeaking out a victory against the Colts... just seems wrong. Beating a sad team wrong, and barely beating a sad team wrong. There was no winner in this game, except sadness.

    I can't do it Bolts, I just can't. The corner of shame is just not enough for your team this week.



    Time for the lightning round!

    LAR- A minor setback to a team I still think has potential!

    I knew the Jags were there somewhere, way to prove the team from the previous week was a fluke.

    Houston and the Bengals played the poorest game I ever had the misfortune to watch. Nice 50 yard TD run by Watson though. #LittleVictories

    Big Blue is hurting, and Eli is throwing some Peyton like ducks. This team is quacking bad! See what I did there, I substituted a bad word for quacking. QUACK!

    No one expected the Saints to win but at least the offense showed a little life.

    Bills better be ready, they just lost in a game where the combined score was 12! This might get ugly...

    It's open season on the Bears right now, they just looked down right bad. There might be no fixing this team this year.

    Don't give up Browns, You have a few wins in you this season I know it!

    They could have won, the 49ers could have beat the depressing looking Seahawks, but they didn't. If they did you bet they would be about 10 spots higher.

    Bengals... Just... don't.

    31- Colts, how... HOW ARE YOU THIS BAD! They need some Luck for even a glimmer of a chance to win a game this season.

    32- Picking on the Jets is just too easy, and we did not expect them to help us out this game. People predicted 4 wins for them. I think they were generous. But with how PC this country is now a days, they will get a shiny participation trophy at the end of the year. Way to go! Come in for a cuddly hug!


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    Besides the excellent commentary your graphics this week were brilliant...especially Dak getting the puppy rub. Well played
    "There is no plan B. Plan A is to win the Super Bowl" - John Elway
    LSU 15-0 2019 BCS Champions...Geaux Tigers :dance:


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      USA Rankings have Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs in top 4...Oh and the Falcons


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        great breakdown. CP for using "wholly mopped" in a sentence. The puppy gif is how I imagine Philip Rivers face at the end of the game when the stadium goes crazy for a Dolphins victory! (in LA btw.)


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          Raises hand...

          Question, do you actually make the rankings or are you taking them from somewhere else and adding commentary? I apologize if that is a dumb question.. lol
          My adopted Bronco is Case Keenum


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            Originally posted by KansasKrista View Post
            Raises hand...

            Question, do you actually make the rankings or are you taking them from somewhere else and adding commentary? I apologize if that is a dumb question.. lol
            I get this question every year, but I get it, makes sense.

            These are the official rankings from, I just add my own fun spin to them. Credit for the layout/style of my posts go to IGN's Matt Fowler. He does weekly wrestling wrap-ups which I love, so I sort of borrowed his style and just altered it.


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              Not trying to sound bias here, but aside from our 4Q hiccup Vs the Chargers, we have looked like the best team overall in the NFL.
              Denver Broncos
              New York Yankees
              New York Knicks
              Colorado Avalanche



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                Wait, was that not the '86 Giants that were ranked ahead of us last week, or do they just think that we're better than the '86 Giants now?


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                  Other Rankings

                  CBS (Pete Prisco):

                  7 Broncos (last week 12) If Trevor Siemian keeps it going, they will be a deep playoff team. But now they have to play their first road game at Buffalo.


                  7. Denver Broncos

                  2017 record: 2-0
                  Week 2 ranking: No. 15

                  Everyone knew the defense would be good this season, but Trevor Siemian has thrown for six touchdowns, and C.J. Anderson is second in the NFL in rushing. If the offense keeps producing, the Broncos will be right back in the mix atop the AFC standings.

                  NBC (Mike Florio):

                  8. Broncos (2-0; No. 15 last week): The good news is they may have found a franchise quarterback in round seven. The bad news is they may have pissed away a first-round pick on a potential franchise quarterback.

                  Sports Illustrated:

                  6. Denver Broncos (2-0)

                  Last Week’s Rank: 14

                  Points in MMQB Power Poll: 405

                  Highest-Place Vote: Fourth (4)

                  Lowest-Place Vote: 12th

                  Last Week’s Result: Win vs. Dallas, 42-17

                  Week 3 Opponent: at Buffalo

                  Denver Broncos (14th to sixth): This defense had been susceptible to the run, which was always weird because Derek Wolfe is a beast, Von Miller can set the edge as well as anyone, and Domata Peko and Shaq Barrett are no slouches. Still, it hadn’t been working on Sundays. So the fact that Denver held the Cowboys to 40 rushing yards in Week 2 has led to exploding brains across the NFL. You can’t throw on them, and if you can’t run on them either then your only choice is running 50-plus fake punts over the course of a game (one after another, they won’t know what hit ‘em!). Of course, the bigger question mark in Denver has been quarterback, and Trevor Siemian has been up to the task through two games. He has some arm limitations, and the Broncos have issues up front (even more so with Garett Bolles out). But Mike McCoy has found the science so far, and to get to the playoffs with the way this defense looked on Sunday, the bar for the offense isn’t terribly high.


                  7. Denver Broncos (2-0, LW: 9)

                  You could make an argument that the best team so far this season is this one right here. Ignore the last part of the fourth quarter against the Chargers, because there were a couple fluky turnovers there. If you take out that Chargers surge at the end, the Broncos outscored the Chargers and Cowboys 66-24, and those are two tough opponents. Why does it look like the Broncos are so much better? Trevor Siemian will be the common answer. What has changed most is the run defense. Denver was 28th in run defense last season. On Sunday, they held rushing champ Ezekiel Elliott to 8 yards.


                  After two weeks of NFL action in 2017, there's one clear takeaway that won't go away: The AFC West is the best. Three of its teams are among the eight that have started 2-0.

                  The Chiefs and Raiders are picking up where they left off with impressive offensive-minded victories. But how about those Broncos, who have suddenly got their passing, rushing and scoring groove back, as well?

                  Denver has the best defense of the trio, while Oakland has the best offense. Kansas City has the best all-around team so far. ((Chiefs and Raiders ranked 1&2))

                  3. Denver Broncos 2-0 (last week: 8)

                  Trevor Siemian and C.J. Anderson are delivering the necessary complementary football for their defense, which has a whole new brand of energy under Vance Joseph and Joe Woods. This is a more complete contender, one season removed from the Super Bowl hangover.

                  Football Outsiders DVOA:

                  DEN 12 Off 9 Def 9 ST 28

                  "...the Broncos are ranked much lower than many readers might expect. At No. 12, they are the lowest of the 2-0 teams, but remember: they had a negative DVOA rating in Week 1 and there are no opponent adjustments yet to lift their statement win over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2."

                  Last Week DEN 19 Off 21 Def 15 ST 12

                  FOX: The Denver Broncos jumped up eight spots to No. 6 after pounding the Dallas Cowboys 42-17.

                  “The Broncos’ defense was excellent as per usual in a dominant win against Dallas, but the story so far this season in Denver is how explosive the offense has been,” said Jenny Vrentas of The Monday Morning Quarterback. “QB Trevor Siemian, in his second year as a starter, currently leads the NFL in touchdown passes.”
                  Last edited by L.M.; 09-19-2017, 07:09 PM.

                  Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


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                    Originally posted by Bates View Post
                    I get this question every year, but I get it, makes sense.

                    These are the official rankings from, I just add my own fun spin to them. Credit for the layout/style of my posts go to IGN's Matt Fowler. He does weekly wrestling wrap-ups which I love, so I sort of borrowed his style and just altered it.
                    CP for doing this. I enjoy reading it.
                    My adopted Bronco is Case Keenum


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                      I don't really like Cowherd, but I thought this was interesting. He has us ranked #2 and the Chiefs ranked #1