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Great episode of NFL Total Access --- Derek Wolfe

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    Originally posted by RunYouOver
    While we certainly understand the frustration by fans on all sides of the discussion, we have decided to keep the Broncos Country message boards separate from politics. The events of the past week have brought the NFL to the forefront of political debates, but due to the highly emotional and passionate discussion it tends to involve, we think it’s best to continue to keep politics and this forum separate. Yes, the forum is meant for discussion, but we’d like to keep that discussion to football.

    With everything going on in our country, it would be nice to keep our complaints and cheers purely related to football here. If you feel passionately, there are plenty of other outlets available to you to express your opinions. We know this isn’t the most popular decision, but we ask that you respect it.

    Thank you for understanding.
    We appreciate the strong beliefs and feelings our fans have, however at the present this is our position as a forum on these issues.


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      I expect Lynch and whoever is in the Raiders' backfield to get to know one Derek Wolfe, BIG TIME, this weekend!!:thumb: