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    Originally posted by lvbronx View Post
    The fans used to boo the they still do this?
    Yes, they do.


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      Originally posted by Rancid View Post
      This is a testament to the fans- -us!

      Loyalty and love of the Broncos aside, Denver is the 15th sized market for the NFL and was much lower than that for many years.

      This streak of sold-out games was by fans in a market in the back half or bottom third of the NFL's markets.
      you also should take into consideration the longest sell out streak in nhl history was the avalanche for 10 years from 1996 to 2006.

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        Originally posted by samparnell View Post
        Sold out since 1970 and the last consecutive losing season was 1972. Since then, eight Super Bowl appearances and three championships. When I became a Bronco fan in 1964, had to wait ten years for the first winning season. It was worth the wait as the Broncos have been one of the best teams in the NFL for over forty years. There are many fans of at least ten other teams who would be thrilled with that level of success. The Denver Broncos have always been an interesting team to follow. There have been innovations to observe along the way: Joe Collier's 34 D; Shanahan's pairing WCO with Zone Series rushing attack of Alex Gibbs; Peyton Manning's style of quarterbacking. It's good to be a Bronco fan.
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          Originally posted by Rancid View Post
          Does this extend back to the Oilers? If not, then the Broncos streak is like 10-times longer.
          Sorry for the late response, but no, it does not extend to the Oilers.

          Technically I believe the Packers do have a longer sell out streak than us, but have not sold out every game since joining the NFL. Their last non sold out game (not including the replacement players season) was in 1959.

          Edit: So I've done some digging around... Somehow we claim to have the most consecutive games sold out at what will be 395 at the end of the regular season... But Green Bay hasn't had a non sell out since 1959. Their official number somehow is around 350. For some reason they are not counting their home games played in Milwaukee, of which there were 106. Their total should stand around the 456 mark, 61 games more than us.
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            I thought the Redskins at one point had a longer sellout streak than us. It must have ended in the last few years.