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    I don't think this team needs leadership. "Hey guys, let's do this". This team needs to make more plays. Don't talk about it, do it. Where are the sacks? The defense led the league in sacks in 2015 with 52. They finished 3rd in 2016 with 47. Now they are ranked at #18 with only 13 sacks despite being in the top 5 in blitz percentage.

    We need Shane Ray back ASAP. Von Miller should be able to feast more on poor offensive lines instead of getting 1 sack per game. We need someone to step up and bring more inside pass rush. The pass rush from past seasons allowed the defense to close games.

    This team needs more interceptions, more 3rd-down conversions. We need the QB to stay in the pocket and pull the trigger. I don't think this team is not putting the work or playing with questionable effort. The necessary plays just are not being made.

    EDIT: By the way, has anyone seen DeMarcus Walker? Is he still alive? He was supposed to be on the field as a DE on passing downs to bring some inside pass rush. These 2nd-round picks...
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      Originally posted by Broncodoodle View Post
      For reals!!! LOL
      That game on Sunday night had me scratching my head... This was the product after a bye week? Against a dumpster fire Giants team...
      I love the Broncos, but they should be ashamed...
      Yup... I was ashamed after that train wreck.


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        I'd say its the offense that's lacking more than anything else. I mean this offense is not very easy on the eyes folks, I'm having a hard time even watching its so bad. The Broncos have not scored more than 17 total points in their last 3 games with only 3 touchdowns in total scored by the offense. The offensive line is truly offensive when it comes to pass blocking, maybe one of the worst in the NFL. Then you have a young and below average QB in Siemian with no time to throw. I think this is a pretty easy offense to figure out and contain based upon their limitations, you shutdown the running game and bring in your safeties and the 3 and outs will be there along with the interceptions on 3rd and long.