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    Originally posted by Siconik
    When Colts play Denver tomorrow, keep track of how long a Colts passing play lasts, compared to the duration of Broncos' passing play. Some QBs can read the defense and get the ball out in under 3 seconds. Other, less apt at making fast reads simply need to buy themselves more time with their legs. While the second approach makes for pretty highlight reels, it’s the result that counts.
    You make some good points. However, I would counter that making quick passes doesn't necessarily indicate the QB is making qicker reads. I would suggest that Manning is just more willing to force passes into his primary targets because he is extremely confident in both himself and his intended receivers. That can be a double-edged sword; some are great plays and some are big mistakes. Peyton is having a better season keeping the interceptions down so he's been more effective this year.

    Jake Plummer has obviously been coached to not make the big mistakes he made in past seasons with the Cards. So, he's not forcing as many passes. Outside of his first game with the Broncos he's thrown very few picks. He's also a lot more likely to pick up positive yards when he runs than is Manning, so the Broncos encourage him to tuck it and hoof it.

    It's really not right to compare these two QB's because their styles are so different. Obviously, most of us are going to tout the QB of our team but they both seem to be good fits with their current offenses and probably wouldn't do as well if they switched places.
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      True, but Manning’s high completion percentage and low INT/attempt ratio makes a strong case for quick quality reads rather then simply quick throws.

      It would be foolish not to build your offense around each QBs strengths and weaknesses. A clever offensive plan maximize the QBs strengths and hides his weaknesses. I am not attacking Jake, but rather defending Manning from criticism centering around his lack of mobility - IMO he more then makes up for it in other ways. Manning was other clear advantages – he IS the Colt’s system and has been in this position for many years, while Jake is in his first year with Broncos. However, if I had to start a team from scratch, with no prior offence system, set-peace players, committed personnel and other baggage I would be inclined to go with Manning rather then Jake.


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        I am so happy w/ jake...

        but right now I take Manning over any QB in the league.
        He isn't overrated. We'll see how he handles the playoffs--hopefully we'll take him out.

        He is NEVER hurt. And I mean never. Plays every game, which is very Elwayish. He is the anti-McNair: always seems to be at full strength. Doesn't possess the same level of leadership, but still gets it done on the field.

        Like I said, I am really thrilled with Jake, but how many times is Manning gonna throw for 5 or so touchdowns this year? Hopefully not this week.


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          Originally posted by journeymantodd
          He WILL BE A HOF SOME DAY< AND PROBABLY BREAK ALL Marinos Records!!!!!!!
          So far in his career, he's playing just like Marino. He sucks in the playoffs.


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            Re: Re: Manning

            Originally posted by Javalon
            "he isn't a quarterback" seems a little harsh. To me, a QB is just the guy who directs the offensive plays and is most responsible for moving the ball down the field, regardless of whether through the air or on the ground.

            That being said, I also prefer mobile QB's. But I definitely wouldn't pass up Manning if I needed a quarterback for my team. Jake just happens to fit the Broncos' offensive philosophy better than immobile QB's like Peyton. But that doesn't make Jake a better QB.
            I think what you said makes sense. For the Broncos, a mobile QB is more suitable. But as some one else mentioned, Manning picks up blitzes quite quickly to compensate for his lack of mobility.

            I am a Broncos fan. But I have to go with Manning simply due to his consistency compared to Plummer.

            Finally the game will be decided by Manning's passing game against our running game.

            Lets see whether the Colts can stop our running game even without Portis.
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              im a bronco fan for ever but please.............JAKE PLUMMER is not even in the same universe as peyton manning AND I HATE PEYTON MANNING GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!.....peyton just kills our jake sorry guys.
              2 parts of the #1 defence in the NFL !!!


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                people used to say that Elway couldn't play in Superbowls.


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                  You guys seem to forget that Harrison was out this year for 2 games hurt and the Colts won them both. We can win without Harrison, but I wouldn't want to chance it over the course of a season.
                  You can go go back and forth all you want about QB's but the point is Plummer is your man and he does well within your system and likewise Manning in ours. So as fans good natured ribbing is always fun, but when it comes down to it, I wouldn't bet against either of them on any given Sunday. Tonights game is going to be fun.



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                    Originally posted by Chief Jimmy
                    What a freaking joke.

                    The MVP, the best player in the NFL, a future hall of famer vs. a QB who was not good enough for the Arizona Cardinals...

                    the Arizona freaking Cardinals!! LOL

                    Yeah, but his team still beat the sap out of the chefs at Home & Away. (we dominated you week 5) Heck even the ex seahawk Kitna beat your team.... tsk tsk.

                    I don't like Manning at all, but he is a hell of a qb. He usually has a quick release and makes good decisons out there. I prefer a scrambler like Jake, who I think will continue to improve during his tenure with the Broncos.
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                      Apparently I have offended some people and I apologize. My posts all all my opinion so don't stress out and just give your opinions, that's why I put the poll here. I don't think I really meant to say that Mannig isn't a quarterback. His rating is excellent but please notice that it is called a Passer Rating, not a Quarterback Rating. It seems like a taboo to even try to dent Manning's rep so I'll stop. Maybe this should just be changed to a Mobile vs. Pocket QB discussion and we can save the smack for the Smack forum.

                      Jimmy, you should go to see Bidwell and ask him why thy let Jake go. I was just one in a string of good players that they have let go. Tom Tupa and Simeon Rice just to give you an idea.
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                        Hey lets get real, I like Jake and everything and Im glad we got him but Id take Manning over him in a heartbeat. Manning doesn't have to run or bootleg to advance the football. His football knowledge is probably greater than anyone in the league. He reads defenses so well, his audibles really help his receivers get open or pick up the blitz. A running QB is not perferable to guy that can adavnce it through the air. Running QB's have a short life span and are often injured. Ask McNaab, Vick, Culpepper, McNair and even Plummer. It's better to get the ball of to the open reciever.

                        Manning without question.


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                          Originally posted by booher
                          i agree manning is overrated.........that will be seen tonight for sure
                          Your opinion is much more useful if you offer a shred of evidence as to why the dude that is gonna win the mvp award this year is overrated.

                          Go Jake!