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Barbre to start at RT

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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    McGovern is the backup Center and interior swing guy. He had 38 snaps in the first two games at RG. Until Denver added Day and Wilkinson to the roster yesterday, he was the only healthy backup available for today's game due to Watson and Stephenson being out and Turner on IR.

    Recently, I suggested that is was time to find out if Billy Turner was ahead of Donald Stephenson in line and if he could play RT. Stephenson was inactive for the first time last week and Watson had to leave the game. I thought Barbre would come in at RT, but it was Billy who did a good job. Unfortunately he broke his hand and is on IR.

    At the same time as that suggestion, I also suggested that it was time to find out who the better LG is, Max or Connor. Previously, the best backup T was Barbre, then Turner, and now Barbre is starting. If McGovern became the starting LG, the issue of backup Center would need to be solved.

    Stephenson may end up on IR if his calf is torn. The Broncos need another Tackle unless Watson gets well and Wilkinson can play. Who knows? Maybe McGovern will get an opportunity to join the five.
    Isn't Day a center as well?


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      Originally posted by Sam_Z View Post
      Isn't Day a center as well?
      He is. Max Garcia played Center his last year at Florida and LT before that. Ty Sambrailo was repped at C before he was traded. Connor McGovern has been prepped to play C since last year, and played T at Mizzou. Turner was listed as a G, but he had 46 snaps at RT last week. Some want to put Leary at LG. Some want to put Watson at LG, or RG if Leary moves to LG.

      Versatility is what you want from O-Linemen. Think Dave Diehl. Those guys should think of themselves as O-Linemen first. What you want is the best five guys on the field shuffled to their best spots. If one of them has to leave the field, number six comes in and reshuffling will take place, if necessary.

      The only two guys I think are set in their spots are Matt Paradis and Garett Bolles. If they are on the field, they will be seen at C and LT respectively. I think they want Leary at RG because in an angle blocked rushing attack, you want your best down blockers on the right and your best puller at LG. Some have suggested Leary at LG because that's where he played at Dallas, but I don't know if he pulled.

      In the event that the starting five today are Bolles - Garcia - Paradis - Leary - Barbre and one of them leaves the game, McGovern will probably be #6. I suppose if Barbre left the game, they might try Wilkinson at RT, but I'm inclined to doubt that. Watson and Stephenson are out. Denver has ten O-Linemen on the roster right now. If Stephenson's calf is torn, he may go to IR. If Day and Wilkinson aren't replaced by free agent(s), they may return to the PS. If not, the PS will get some new guys. Need ten O-Linemen to practice.
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        The OLine will suffer till we balance the salary cap. We're paying waaaayyyyy too much for wide receivers and not nearly enough for OLine and RB or TE for that matter. You could say the same about the CB position but I think that will be solved when we unload Talib and we may not be able to afford Harris in the future either.


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          As bad as he was today it was still better than Stephenson

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