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    Originally posted by Bates View Post
    This is epic lol !


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      Originally posted by Montoya View Post
      I get that we have been absolutely terrible the last 2 weeks. But I really doubt that we play that bad for a 3rd consecutive week. We are not that bad of a team. Feels similar to couple weeks ago when we played the giants and everybody was saying the same thing how they are going to get destroyed. NFL is a funny business and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if we came out and won this game some how
      When Denver lost to the Giants I sort of felt it was a fluke. An unprepared team that lacked some leadership and good coaching. I really did think they would bounce back. Good teams bounce back after a bad loss.
      I was very angry about it but, I wasn't ready to give up the season and bury them.

      After the Chargers loss I am starting to think Denver IS probably a bad team. They didn't bounce back after that Giants loss.. no, they actually imploded.. bad teams implode like that, not a good team. No doubt the offense is terrible and a even though the Defense is still formidable, it cannot over come an offense who can't put up any points or even get passed the 50 yard line until very late in the game.

      I like the idea of keeping up a good attitude and hoping for the best but, I guess I am incapable of it right now.
      My adopted Bronco is Case Keenum


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        Originally posted by KansasKrista View Post
        Normally, a Monday night game between the Chiefs and the Broncos would be a big deal in my house. We would have friends over.. some Broncos fans and unfortunately some Chiefs fans. lol

        BUT... there is no way I am having anyone over this year. I get very cranky when the Broncos lose and I have no doubt at all Monday will be a loss. I expect a very ugly loss.
        I have a confession to make if a game gets really bad like against the Chargers, I turn the channel. It literally makes me sick to watch the Broncos lose like that... call me a lousy fan but, I just can't watch it. I will usually flip through the channels and keep checking back to see if anything good has happened.. I will also follow along on the game day thread.
        If no one is here and there is no party, then I don't have to be forced to watch a game that will undoubtedly be painful to watch.

        I am also not going to feed anyone who wants to rub my face in a bad loss. Let them cook for themselves and buy their own beverages.
        I can always turn off my phone... I can't turn off the obnoxious jerk sitting in my recliner who thinks he is hilarious. lol
        lol this does not make a bad fan lol. My wife knows how bad a loss is getting if i am not watching the game as well. If it gets bad like last week then I go back to my computer room and play Path of Exile, and just leave's game stats thing that shows the teams color lines going back and forth on the field lol. If it gets better I'll go beck but it usually doesn't at that point lol.

        I agree with having people over too lol. I have a neighbor who is really cool but a raiders fan, I offered to cook ribs for him on that games day the week after the Cowboys win, needless to say I took him leftovers lol. No way was I letting a raiders fan dome into my house after the pathetic display in Buffalo.
        GO BRONCOS AFC Champs!!!