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    If I'm going past, I am a big fan of going after "Unsung heroes." Offensive, or Defensive lines, Fullback, etc. However, I currently have a DT, Harris Jr., and Wolfe hockey jersey for cold games/days. I wear my Wolfe the most.

    I'd be a big fan of getting a Schlereth, Zimmerman, or Nalen jersey for Offense. (Personally I lean towards Nalen)

    Oooh, I just thought of Griffith (FB) being a good one!

    Al Wilson, Rubin Carter, Rich Jackson, Trevor Pryce, Paul Smith, etc. for Defense.


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      Terrell Davis was my child hood hero so I have to go with him
      oakland raders gm
      latavis murray trade bait


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        Why TD of course!


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          Originally posted by huntr View Post
          As I plan to purchase a custom jersey of former Broncos players who are in the Ring of Fame, I can't decide which player I want for the jersey to be customized so I need your help so who's is all time favorite among fans other than Elway (Davis, Atwater, Jackson, Sharpe, Gradishar, etc).

          I don't want to wear one of the former player who was traded or no longer on team.
          Floyd Little, my personal favorite.


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            I was always partial to alzado man it killed me wen we let him go still think that ranks up there in our top mistakes

            The Snow Goose would be another of mine
            My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter


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              Ahh man, no love for Ed McCaffery? I always liked Ed, the way he looked whenever he made a catch, getting up stretching his neck after every completion. He made every catch look incredible. :thumb:


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                Rod Smith will probably always be my favorite player. The work ethic he displayed throughout his career combined with his class on and off the field aside from the one incident is something I wish more players strived for. Plus he was just so smooth on the field. I really hope he gets a gig as a coach for us.


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                  Mike Anderson had the best salute hands down.

                  Then there's Plummer


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                    Originally posted by Taos_Broncomaniac View Post
                    Mike Anderson had the best salute hands down.

                    Then there's Plummer
                    Marine Mike and The Snake. Loved both of those guys.

                    Current RoFers:

                    Steve Atwater
                    Dennis Smith
                    John Lynch
                    Rod Smith

                    Future RoFers:
                    Champ Bailey


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                      Originally posted by lvbronx View Post
                      I was a big Norris Weese fan too. I remember a game Merlin Olsen and Dick Enberg were calling and Weese was the FB in punt formation protecting the punter. Merlin said something like "I don't understand why they have a QB protecting the punter".

                      In about the 3rd quarter a player was rushing our punter and ran into Weese. Weese kind of ducked and then stood up quickly, flipping the rusher on his head. On the replay, Merlin calmly said, "Now I know why they have Weese blocking for the punter". I remember really laughing at that.

                      Another player I really liked that doesn't seem to get enough credit over time is Steve Watson. Watson arguably had the best hands of any WR in Bronco history with just enough speed to break a long one.
                      Watson was clutch too. I miss those days.


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                        Go with an Anthony Miller 83 jersey and really get people scratching their heads.