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Does VJ Care More About Players Feelings Or Winning Games?

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    Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
    We should all hope he changes that trend, because he's not going anywhere, so he's the guy that'll need to get it figured out.
    That's the sad part; he's not going anywhere. So we have many seasons of draft busts to come........


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      VJ needs to bench Trevor or be replaced as HC he isn’t make the best football decisions for this team.


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        Does he really need to look at the tape to decide on a change at QB? Do we give TS credit for throwing a late TD in garbage time? I have seen nothing in the last 4-5 games that shows me that he deserves to be a QB in the NFL. Terrible decisions and missing open receivers. Don't blame it on the OL... they did fine and we ran the ball well. The INT where he ran out of the pocket to the right and had the open lane for the 5 yards and a 1st down only to decide to overthrow the very tall receiver for another pick should be the only play you need to see. This is a cumulative problem - decision making, arm, running, and lack of awareness.