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What I want to happen this Halloween before the trade deadline....

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    Okay, so obviously my crazy ideas aren't going over so well. Forgive me, I'm tired, irritable, and ready for some change. I'm also a positive kind of guy, so why not dream a little.

    To be fair, I didn't know Thomas and Staley were injured. That being said, even if they were out for the season, if you could trade injured players (not sure if there is a rule against that or not, but I imagine there is), I'd still trade for those two and plug them in the spots afore mentioned to solidify our line.

    And I get it, Sieman's value is probably nothing, and San Fran probably likes their rook, but Sieman does have experience in the West Coast offense, albeit Kubiak's version. He'd be a decent backup option, but I understand.

    As far as trade value, I'm not a good judge of that. But if I was Dallas, with Elliot getting his 6 game suspension upheld, I'd start by offering a 3rd and go up to a 2nd for J. Charles IF I thought we had a legitimate chance to make it to the Super Bowl, which I believe they believe. Charles, whose averaging roughly 5 yards a carry, behind THEIR line? It would make those 6 games a whole lot easier to handle for sure. But again, that's based on if they think they're close.

    Still, at this point it may be better to start that Halloween feast a little early!
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