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    Originally posted by haciendadad View Post
    First of all, why did we bring in Jamal Charles if we aren't going to use him? He has already shown he has good blocking and chipping ability, I'd like to see him used a two back set and two receivers only, and maybe even use Janovich to help open some lanes or help block. I don't know is that is too many people in the backfield but at least we have the defense wondering what the heck we are doing and maybe catch them off guard because they've never seen this on tape yet. It would force the defense to play up and respect and watch both RBs, maybe bring in DeAngelo Henderson too and use him in a reverse? Hopefully they can provide some protection too and hopefully maybe open some deep threats down field.

    Oh, I would only make one request if possible, don't use our 5'8" receiver down field and throw to him when he is triple covered, I'd like to see our tallest receivers playing for the jump balls. Maybe, put Sanders in the slot and DT on the left side and Taylor on the right side and have the two back set?

    You know the Patriots are going to show something different since they are not as strong a team now, so they compensate by adding in some trickery and creativeness.

    We just need to give Brock some serious protection and if we are not going to use the TEs, then let's do something to provide protection and the threat of another play so the defense be force to adjust. Maybe, so do this in the second half? IDK. Ideas?
    Okay, I'll let Mike McCoy and VJ know, thank you.
    I believe.


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      A few things to consider

      Since the AFL- NFL merger in 1970, the Broncos have....

      7 losing seasons. (6 from 72 - present)
      Teams with fewer : 0
      (including the teams that came into the league since)

      8 Super Bowl appearances
      Teams with more : 1 (patriots 9)
      Teams tied with 8 : 2 (cowboys, steelers)

      3 Super Bowl victories
      Teams with more : 5* (steelers, patriots, cowboys, 49ers, giants) (*packers also have 1 more than us, but have to count victories prior to merger)
      Teams tied with 3 : 2 (raiders, redskins)

      Since 1972, the Broncos have had not any back to back losing seasons. Longest streak in NFL history. 45 back to back losing seasons. Next longest streak is the patriots, not having had back to back losing seasons since 92-93. Our streak, is literally 20 years longer than the next best.

      Since Pat Bowlen bought the team in 1983, no NFL team has won more games. None.

      Since John Elway took over the team..only the patriots have won more games. No team has more super bowl appearances, and only 1 has won more (by one) than we. That means, 30 of 32 teams have lost more games than we have.

      Even the most recent expansion teams have more losing seasons than we have had, in 45 freaking years. Think about that.

      There are teams that have never won a Super Bowl. There are a handful of teams, that have never even managed to get to one, let alone 8.

      A little perspective for all the doom and gloom.

      No team in the NFL has enjoyed the level of overall long term success the Broncos have had since the AFL-NFL merger.


      We are either at the top, or near it, in virtually every category where it actually counts. Wins.

      We are a spoiled bunch of fans. it is impossible to be a contender *every* year. There will be down years. There will be bad games. it WILL happen. Even to the Broncos....although to be blunt, it happens to us a lot less than it does to everyone else.

      I hate the current circumstances we find ourselves in as much as anyone. But a little perspective...goes a long way.
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        :clap: nicely done

        we should be proud of the team's history & not be so down when we hit a rough patch...

        things won't stay bad for long with the broncos, we will bounce back so keep the chin up high all


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          Interesting post, and it's nice to reinforce the fact that the team has indeed been one of the top NFL franchises for a long time, but that fact doesn't really mitigate the current circumstances. The more successful you are, the less you tolerate losing. This team and its fans expect to WIN. Stating that every team has a down period does not excuse the poor coaching and poor drafting on offense, particularly at QB.


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            Sometimes a down year is a good thing. We got Von Miller because of a down year.


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              It's obvious that this is going to be a losing year. What's important now is what actions the team will taking to prevent the same thing happening next year. Does anyone have confidence that the current coaches have the ability to turn it around?


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                Amen brother, proud to be a Denver Broncos fan!!


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                  We are only 22 months removed from hoisting the Lombardi, technically two seasons ago but it happened last year, in 2016.

                  All the success we've enjoyed in the past and so recently as well is why the current downward spiral is so hard to bear. Thus far, this season would appear to be a replay of 2010 -- losing streaks and blowouts under dubious coaching.

                  Since 1972, the Broncos have had not any back to back losing seasons.
                  This doesn't mean it's impossible, and hopefully this isn't like the announcer who says "So-and-so hasn't thrown a pick since last season", and then he does!

                  I do believe the Broncos will bounce back, hopefully sooner than later. What I have faith in is the very high standards for success that Pat Bowlen had and which Elway shares and upholds too, so that downward spirals and failure from coaches and players alike will not be tolerated and walking papers will be issued if necessary.

                  If you doubt that, consider that Bowlen fired Reeves, Phillips and Shanahan for not getting it done -despite their past accomplishments! Elway was in the middle of two of those firings! Results in the present ala "what have you done for me lately" rules the mindset. Elway as GM also ripped Fox, his staff, and the players a new one for losing a friggin' preseason game (to the Seabags) a few years ago! That alone tells me that no one is going to be allowed to take the franchise to the League basement for perennial storage like the Browns.

                  Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


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                    The only thing that will make this thread better is a picture of puppies:


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                      To sustain this type of success is truly an amazing feat. But if life has taught me anything it's that good things don't last forever. Everything will even out over time, I just hope it isn't any time soon.


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                        Originally posted by broncolassiter View Post
                        Sometimes a down year is a good thing. We got Von Miller because of a down year.
                        A good thing came out of having a down year, but we could have drafted the wrong guy at #2 instead of Von Miller. Every team drafts a first round bust occasionally, some many times. We did a great job making sure the #2 pick was truly an elite player, not just a need filler.


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                          Well said. Love my Broncos!