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    Originally posted by Sam_Z View Post
    So here are Joe Elis and John Elways Draft picks from 2011-17 lets evaluate and discuss. Of course we really can't evaluate the 2017 or 16 draft selections however I've listed them anyway.

    1 Garett Bolles 20 T
    2 DeMarcus Walker 51 DE
    3 Carlos Henderson 82 WR
    3 Brendan Langley 101 CB
    5 Jake Butt 145 TE
    5 Isaiah McKenzie 172 WR
    6 De'Angelo Henderson 203 RB
    7 Chad Kelly 253 QB

    1 Paxton Lynch 26 QB=So far a miss
    2 Adam Gotsis 63 DT=Showing consistent progress
    3 Justin Simmons 98 FS=Starter
    4 Devontae Booker 136 RB=solid nothing spectacular
    5 Connor McGovern 144 G=Jury still out
    6 Andy Janovich 176 FB=showed progress when on field
    6 Will Parks 219 S=solid on defense
    7 Riley Dixon 228 P=solid

    1 Shane Ray 23 DE=Hit
    2 Ty Sambrailo 59 T=Miss
    3 Jeff Heuerman 92 TE=Miss
    4 Max Garcia 133 C=Miss
    5 Lorenzo Doss 164 CB=Jury still out
    6 Darius Kilgo 203 NT=Miss
    7 Trevor Siemian 250 QB=Nothing Special
    7 Taurean Nixon 251 CB=Miss

    1 Bradley Roby 31 DB=Hit
    2 Cody Latimer 56 WR=Miss (he was drafted to play offense not special teams)
    3 Michael Schofield 95 OL=Miss
    5 Lamin Barrow 156 LB=Miss
    6 Matt Paradis 207 OL=Big Time Hit
    7 Corey Nelson 242 LB=So far a miss

    1 Sylvester Williams 28 DT=Miss
    2 Montee Ball 58 RB=Big Time Miss
    3 Kayvon Webster 90 DB=Hit
    5 Quanterus Smith 146 DE=Miss
    5 Tavarres King 161 WR=Miss
    6 Vinston Painter 173 G=Miss
    7 Zac Dysert 234 QB=Miss

    2 Derek Wolfe 36 DT=Hit
    2 Brock Osweiler 57 QB=Miss
    3 Ronnie Hillman 67 RB=Miss
    4 Omar Bolden 101 DB=Miss
    4 Philip Blake 108 OL=Miss
    5 Malik Jackson 137 DT=Hit
    6 Danny Trevathan 188 LB=Hit

    1 Von Miller OLB=Hit of course
    2 Rahim Moore S=Biggest Miss
    2 Orlando Franklin RT=Dissapointment
    3 Nate Irving LB=Miss
    4 Quinton Carter CB=Miss
    4 Julius Thomas TE=Hit however a Jay Cutler type attitude
    6 Mike Mohamed LB=Miss
    7 Virgil Green TE=Dissapointment
    7Jeremy Beal DE=Miss

    Rookie Free Agents Chris Harris Jr. CB and Shaquil Barrett OLB=Big Time Hits!

    Not counting the 2017-16 draft selections I have 25 Missed prospect compared to 10 hits from 2011-15. We cant lie to ourselves here folks, the fish rots from the head down.

    These are not Vance Josephs, Mike McCoys or Billy Musgraves selections, this is what they were given. However I do hold VJ accountable for refusing to play such players like Andy Janovich and DeAngelo Henderson or for placing Jake Butt and Chad Kelly but aside from that, this debacle is more of the FOs fault than anyone elses.

    These failed draft picks have finally caught up to management (cant say we didn't see it coming) and there is no more denying the fact and that these guys starting with Elway and Elis need to stand up and assume responsibility and be held accountable.

    We cannot have 25 failed draft prospects in just 5 draft classes, guys like Omar Bolden and Rahm Moore... It is only going to get worse unless the FO wakes up and gets the proper scouts and talent evaluators in here. Not only that but the earlier successful selections could have been credited to Ted Sundquist rather than Elis or Elway which is a scarey thought.
    Biggest hit of all...

    Super Bowl victory.

    In the end, that is the only hit or miss that counts.


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      Originally posted by cmc0605 View Post
      Some harsh truth coming...

      Two drafted pro bowlers during this whole time...Von and Julius Thomas.

      Very little value in second round...Moore, Ty Sambrailo, Latimer, Montee Ball, Brock, probably Damarcus Walker. Gotsis might pan out.

      The late round picks have been better for value...Siemian, Trevathan, Malik, Paradis, Parks. Some of them still on the team...

      Virtually no blue chip players on this list. Instead we acquired them via FA....Manning, Ware, Ward, Welker, Talib. But now just one of those names is still on the team (but old) and there won't be a second wave of players that good, nor a Manning-like incentive for them to come.

      Two coaching hires didn't work out and no culture of winning or accountability was developed after Peyton. We won a single SB on Manning's last stand and at the peak of an aging defense, led by a coordinator who was let go, and now doing well elsewhere.

      So what are we left with?

      Something fairly hollow. The remnants of a legacy defense that cannot be sustained indefinitely, no drafted elite players to carry on the legacy, enough mediocre starters to have a coherent roster but no elite guys to build a team around or develop an identity.

      It will be hard to be a powerhouse franchise for some time due to this management.
      "no culture of winning "

      uh...sure...if you say so....