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Switching to Billy Musgrave style of offense?

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    Originally posted by Mel B. View Post
    At first I didn't know why the Raiders would let Musgrave go but now I seem to remember it was on the same lines as us letting Wade go, meaning they didn't want to lose their young "up & coming" asst. (Todd Downing) to another team so rather then keep Musgrave they promoted Downing from QB coach to OC in the same fashion Elway didn't re-sign Wade and instead promoted young, "up & coming" asst. Joe Woods rather then lose him to another team.

    Seems like the Raiders offense and our defense both took a step back with promoting the young guy (Downing/Woods) over keeping the old guy (Musgrave/Wade).
    I agree 100%. Letting Wade walk was the worst decision Elway ever made. Period


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      Originally posted by Rancid View Post
      At this point I think they are just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks hoping something-- anything, does!

      The wall has a lot of stains on it, but so far nothing has stuck.
      Crap apparently sticks.
      To infinity...and beyond.