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    Originally posted by Rich_C View Post
    I have said on MULTIPLE occasions that offensive players NEED to take responsibility for their own decisions. AS it stands right now a defensive player is the NFL's whipping horse or punching bag (pick your analogy). At some point I'd like to see the NFL fine the offensive player in this type of a scenario. If the offensive player drops his head then HE is putting HIMSELF in danger and preventing the game from being played in a safe manner.
    Interesting idea. I could see some backlash from the players union, though it might be funny to see if the offense vs defense players have an opinion that sticks.

    The minimum I want to see is the league at least acknowledging that the player did this, even it is an unconscious decision or completely reactive, and not fine the defensive guy. This is a contact sport when headhunting can be prevented it should be. When it looks worse because of a head dip don't penalize a good defensive play.


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      The fine isn't the problem. Stewart probably wipes his ass with $24,000 after taking a dump. It's the dishonesty from the league that's infuriating. They know the tackle was legal but they have to virtue signal, because it looked bad in real time. They have to ignore reality and put on a presentation in order to pretend they care about player safety.


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        IMO Cooper deserved the fine more because he is the one who lowered his head and lead with the crown of his helmet to the defender.

        IIRC even JDR later said the hit was not as bad as it looked real time after he saw the film
        Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play