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    Originally posted by ELWAY421 View Post
    I'm surprised no one has thrown out the playoffs? Playoffs? Lol
    Originally posted by dipablo View Post
    here you go

    Thank you very much. Not sure if there has ever been a more appropriate time for that.

    Needed that laugh this morning
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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      Originally posted by capt. Jack View Post
      I have giving up on Paxton, we got to trade him or use him as a back up for a couple years.
      Just give him a box of Kleenex and let him sit over on the bench and stay out of the way.
      He hasn't shown he's a capable backup and he's shown no progress as a player, and he seems to be easily injured. He's worse than a 7th rounder, therefore he has zero trade value. He's dead weight.


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        Originally posted by Hadez View Post
        This team has serious issues and needs fixing

        Making the playoffs is the worst possible thing that could happen to this team if we want to win another championship with the current players
        I agree. It's utterly pointless to want to make the playoffs. The team's chances of winning anything are ZERO.


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          Imagine if this team had to go to Pittsburgh or NE? Lol!!!


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            Originally posted by JoeBalla2k5 View Post
            I know it's a pipedream at this point, but if we win out is there a way we can sneak into the playoffs at 8-8 ? Stranger things have happened, i just don't like to root for the broncos to lose even if a high draft pick is up for at grabs.
            The answer to the question is yes it can happen & while it may be a longshot, this year has been so unpredictable that anything is possible..who had the chiefs falling apart after a 5-0 start? my guess is absolutely NOBODY!!

            So let's go over the possible ways it can happen...

            the first & obvious thing is broncos must win out & get to 8-8...there is then 2 scenarios i could come up with where we would own a tiebreak at 8-8 with either the chargers or chiefs but it can only be one & not both at the same time & also there was no scenario i saw where we get in if the raiders end up 8-8 so with that being said how do we get there...

            First win loss column represents a 8-8 tie with Kansas City & the second is a tie with the outside of us winning out you tell me what there is so unlikely to occur other than the raiders losing to the giants...that seems to be the biggest obstacle is the raiders.

            1.Kansas City Schedule
            Kansas City @ NY Jets - W <> L
            Oakland @ Kansas City - L <> L
            Chargers @ Kansas City - L <> W
            Miami @ Kansas City -W <> L
            Kansas City @ Denver -L <> L

            2. LA Chargers
            Cleveland @ LA Chargers - W <> W
            Washington @ LA Chargers - L <> W
            LA Chargers @ Kansas City - W <> L
            LA Chargers @ NY Jets - L <> W
            Oakland @ LA Chargers - L <> L

            3. Oakland Schedule
            NY Giants @ Oakland - L <> L
            Oakland @ Kansas City - W <> W
            Dallas @ Oakland - L <> L
            Oakland @ Philadelphia - L <> L
            Oakland @ LA Chargers - W <> W

            Of course i know the typical responses are why bother, we should just lose out to get a better draft spot & to that i would say two things

            1. does having a top 5 pick guarantee you anything? (answer is no) 2. what is the goal at the start of every season? don't tell me it's not to win your division & make the playoffs?

            so then the question to all you wanting to lose is this...what dam difference does it make if we got into the playoffs at 8-8 instead of say 12-4 or 11-5? playoffs are playoffs & obviously if we manage to win the last 5 then something clearly has started clicking & you are on a hot streak going in.

            Example: 2011 NY Giants were 6-2 & then lost 4 in a row mid-season to fall to 6-6 only to win 3 of the final 4 to "sneak" into the playoffs at 9-7 & guess what they did next? yeah they went on a roll & won the super bowl!

            So as i fan of this team, i will be damned if i ever wish for a loss & sure as hell not ever when there is still a path to the all are entitled to your own opinions but i will never understand hoping the team loses, even though i get why but i just can't ever think that way.