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If You Had To Have One Scenario For 2018, Which Is Better...

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    What a godawful choice. I choose a third option--neither.


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      Originally posted by swinginhorseman View Post
      Tough question.... I think I would dump Sanders, and all the other short players. Go with tall... Tall qb, tall punter, tall kick holder. Tall... I love my women tall, I love my players stinky and tall, I love women with tall toes... I love tall!

      Wishing for the worst practices ever. I also hope VJ does not have "the time of his life."
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        Either choice does not matter

        If we have those three qbs but a good coaching staff we will lose 10+ games. TS is hot garbage who can look good in practice but he will fail under the pressure of game day....Orton 2.0 with less success under his belt.

        VJ can not coach qbs and has no clue how to be a game day head coach. If we keep him and get our new young franchise qb the new franchise qb will not have the proper support and we will lose 10+ games.

        Pick whatever you want...result will be the same imo
        Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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          I'll choose to not be a fan of any of that. Would refuse to watch.

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