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Is Colts game only winable game left?

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    Originally posted by munoz1987 View Post
    you are absolutely insane.Trevor had a 1.7 QBR yesterday. All 3 of his INTs came under no pressure. He is awful and so happy about, He's gonna earn us a top 5 pick.
    Quit Trolling
    It'll be a shootout. I have a feeling TY Hilton will torch our "No Fly Zone".

    Trevor will respond by feeding Sanders and hitting those deep seam routes to the TEs.


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      We cant beat broken and cracked cones. If we run into one of them might shatter a limb. This is the sorriest i have seen this team in a long while. Granted!!! I am only 31 and some of you fans have been living lots longer than I have. The Mcdaniels era I thought was the worst until this year.


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        Originally posted by Broncoyearound View Post
        Gotta give him credit though and I admire his passion for a player. Imagine us getting a true franchise QB he might forget Siemans name when we got a good qb slicing up the field.
        Lol true if that’s actually true. It’s hard to tell. But I just personally refuse to believe he thinks that. I truly think he does this in jest at this point.