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Guess the Stats Week 16

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    1) Which team scores first? Denver

    2) What is the first score of the game (FG, TD, Safety)? FG

    3) Which Denver player scores first? McManus

    4) Will the Broncos have over or under 1.5 sacks? Under

    5) How many passing yards will our QB have? 193

    6) Will the Broncos longest single rush be over/under 16.5 yards?Over

    7) How many rushing yards will the Broncos rushing leader have? 88

    8) Which Denver player will have the most tackles? Marshall

    9) Which Denver player will have the most receiving yards? DT

    10) How many receiving yards will the Broncos receiving leader have? 52

    11) How many Denver players will have 50+ yards receiving? 1

    12) Will Denver intercept a pass this week? Yes

    13) Will we make over/under 1.5 FGs this week? Under

    14) Will Denver score over/under 20.5 points? Under

    15) Will the Redskins win by over/under 3.5 points? Over

    16) Will the total amount of points scored in the game be over/under 40.5? Under

    17) How many total yards will Denver have this week? 330

    18) Will Kirk Cousins pass for 250+ yards? Yes