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A Letter To the Fans From Joe Ellis

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  • A Letter To the Fans From Joe Ellis

    Kind of makes me a little teary actually.
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    Originally posted by broncoslover115 View Post

    Kind of makes me a little teary actually.
    I just read mine.

    We have a classy organization.

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      Originally posted by Peanut View Post
      I just read mine.

      We have a classy organization.
      Yeah we do.
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        Personally, it’s important to note that we cannot fall back on our past success. While
        expectations will not be lowered, there can never be assumptions or an entitled mentality
        from our organization.
        There are no shortcuts and all of us must put in the hard work to get better.
        This really stuck out to me, especially after hearing VJ and Elways presser makes me understand the firing of most of the asst, coaches. Sounds like some people in the org have been coasting on the Super Bowl season and not pushing to improve. Sounds like there was a culture of entitlement and lazy coaching going on with the thought that this is a super bowl team, we can turn it around because we should not lets WORK to turn it around.
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          I know he was sincere because my letter came with a full refund.


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            "I believe in the vision of our football leadership to acquire and develop players who can help us win", would be easier to buy into if the majority of those in charge of that pursuit hadn't just been fired ..................... for the 2nd year in a row.


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              Well I'm glad they aren't going to raise their prices. But after this season they should think about lowering them or giving non performance discounts. How bout 20% a game for every 20+ point blow out and maybe 30% for the shutout.

              We have always had a classy organization. I have always been proud to fly the banner and wear the colors.

              Thanks for sharing BL CPs
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                "all of us take full responsibility for our first losing record in seven years."

                Right. Fired assistant coaches while giving a pass to the head coach. Nothing like blaming the assistants and protecting those most responsible for what's happened.

                "we’ll continue to have the highest expectations on and off the field."

                Is that so? Like retaining Matt Ellis and Tom Heckert after being convicted of DUI?

                "we cannot fall back on our past success."

                John Elway represents past success. 14-18 post-Manning and now one of the worst teams in the league.

                So generous of the organization to not increase ticket prices. Seriously? I turned down free tickets to the Redskins-Broncos. Not worth the time or gas to drive to FedEx field to see a team "coached" by Vance Joseph. No longer a team as it has become a group of individual players.
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                  We are indeed a classy and successful organization. It is important to remember that between the Shanahan SB years and the Manning-era we’ve just come through- Joe and John have been a part of successes most lifelong “football men” could only dream of. I am pleased to be rolling with them- and though the results aren’t where we want them to be right now- and VJ may or may not be a great HC one day- I can think of few other tandems I would want at the helm- unless you want to travel to the “dark side” of New England (and if McD is any indication- no thanks).

                  Things change quickly in this league. Keep the faith...