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Given Rumors and The State Of The Team, Whats The Best Direction?

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    I think Kirk could do well in Denver. Musgrave runs the same offense that Shannahan drafted Kirk for. Had it been up to Shanny Kirk would have been the starter. Kirk has said he wants to win championships. Somehow I believe the right team could get him cheaper than most think. Even if he comes down to 20, it still means changes, such as contract renegotiation's and others released to make space. Drafting a QB would be cheaper but still some small changes would still need to be made. The question is; How long before we compete with a Baker Mayfield vs- Cousins. You have other questions such as who has the most upside and who is the best solution long term? Drafts picks are always risky, many QBs have been taken top 5 and failed.

    I think Elway should make a push to restructure DT and V. Miller. Trade Paxton, coupled with a lower draft pick or two to acquire an additional early pick (to many picks, not enough cap). Bring back either Todd Davis or Cory Nelson. By trading or releasing Talib, they clear about 10 mil, then sign Roby to a long term. With a few moves, there would be enough space to bring in Cousins, and still draft a QB to sit behind him. leaving enough picks for depth at Guard and RT, depending on where we go with the FA crop that was signed last season and failed.

    By starting Cousins, we can make a push in 2018, Starting a Rookie, we may make a push in 2020. The team is built to win now, what will it look like in 3 years while developing a rookie?