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    Originally posted by Narco View Post
    How much does the QB factor into how good an Oline looks? I saw many plays where Bolles had his guy blocked and Trevor would leave the pocket and run right into the pass rush. Paxton can't read defenses so he consistently held the ball, allowing the pass rush to get to him. I didn't see Bolles get flat out beat often.

    Also, consider the division and all the great pass rushers the AFC West has. It's a tough division for a rookie LT with only 2 years of Div. 1 college football experience.
    Very true, and look at our O-line with Manning & Brock the same year, Manning made due with a worse line than we have now, Brock got sacked a lot (Khalil mack 5 sack game) veteran QB's make a big difference. Sambrailo the first 3 games in 2015 with Manning was a non issue. Without Manning Sambrailo made Schofield look good.
    Speaking of Schofield played ok with Phillip Rivers last year.