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QB Related Divides In Broncoland

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    Originally posted by MH Stampede View Post
    this is my thinking as well.

    Throughout Broncos history, we rarely rarely land in the top 10 in the draft. Only once in the last 20 years. (Von, interestingly, the last time prior to Von we drafted in the top 10, was also a LB...Mike Croel at #4 in 91).

    Throughout NFL history, "franchise" QB's are nearly always top 10 choices. Nearly always...but there are a few notable exceptions.

    Now, that doesnt mean we have to reach for a QB with the #5. It means...that whoever we get, had better pan out. Once out of the top 10, the bust rate for players...especially for QB's, goes up quickly. But it does add pressure to take a QB, for those reasons.

    For me personally, I am not sold on Allen. Darnold and Rosen are almost locks to be gone by the time we pick, along with Barkley. We will probably have to choose between Mayfield and Chubb. But sometimes the draft goes unexpectedly. If by some miracle Rosen, Darnold, or Barkley are still there at 5, IMO, we almost have to pull that trigger. There is also the outside chance that Elway goes for one of the highly rated DB's, or Nelson, a premier OG prospect. The DB's and the OG should be there for us, if we go that route.

    But honestly, I still expect us to have to choose between Mayfield and Chubb. I would be ok with either, but I would prefer Mayfield.
    2 Current SB winning QB's were drafted in the top 10. Eli & Big Ben. The rest were drafted past that
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      Originally posted by gtown53 View Post
      There's no "controversy". Elway has stated many times that Case Keenum IS the starting QB. End of story.
      Pffft...this is the Broncos. Unless your QB is God (and sometimes even then), there will ALWAYS be controversy. Elway stated pretty clearly, did he not, that Siemian was his guy last year and that Siemian wouldn't have to be looking over his shoulder? Lasted for about 3 weeks before the chorus started chanting. Then it was just a matter of "when".

      Keenum is not God. He doesn't have HOF clout, nor does he have that big man on campus attitude many fans want. If Baker (or Darnold) is drafted behind him and Keenum is anything short of perfect, the chorus will start. If Keenum is < .500, Baker will play at some point during the season.


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        How about some QB humor. It's been a loooong season and off-season, draft is tomorrow. Hope this makes you laugh.

        My new favorite Bronco - KJ Hamler Guy plays inspiring football!.


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          Originally posted by CanDB View Post
          I've only been a member here since 2008, and I did not get too "assertive" for a while at that, so I can not acquit myself well when discussing Bronco QB "divides". But I hear the Plummer/Cutler one was pretty strong, and I participated in The Manning / Oz days (in which we ironically won The SB!!)....and have been tucked in the middle of the QB situation since that glorious winning season. It's almost always QBs...other than coaches/coordinators.

          Will this year be another one of those years? I don't think Keenum will be the source of much dissension. Lots of folks did not want us to go after Cousins, and many of the rest of us have swallowed that pill. Yes, I was looking for a higher rated QB, to kick start this team, but Keenum looks fine for now. And yes, if he falters, some will get back on the Cousins train, even though that train left the station. But this will not make for a big divide. The divide, and I am not looking for one, has some potential given the upcoming draft. Many of us want a top 4 QB from this year's draft, many of us do not. I'm on the side that wants loads of non QB talent, with a potential QB selection beyond round one. Sort of covering several bases. I for sure do not want to trade up for a QB! Too much draft capital, not enough non QB talent going into the season, one that will not see that QB unless Keenum goes down or plays horribly.

          And within that QB discussion, a finer debate revolves around which QB folks want. Mayfield seems to be very popular here. But some love Rosen, some Allen, and one for one prefer Darnold. Could this be the bigger divide when all is said and done. For no matter which QB Elway covets, if he does, there will be huge pressure on that player to succeed. Any team that selects a QB early will have pressure. A hit will be great! A miss at that high level, may set you back a few years. Why? First off, you may have missed out on some super talent, and second, it may take you a few years before you realize you have to look elsewhere for a new leader to take over the ship. And some GMs will hang on too long, because they want so badly to be right on that draft pick. Further, you can miss on a non QB, but a miss on a QB is much more of an impacting contributor to team problems.

          Listen...I do not want controversy. I have stated a number of times that I accept what Elway does, even if I do not agree with it. But somehow, someway, we all know the importance of the QB position and how it can haunt you. Even when it's just peronal preference and nothing else.

          But there's a another ring! Oh wait, Manning (and to some extent Oz) was unpopular for many when we won it all!!
          Can you sly dog you...

          Did you think you could really get away from making this thread in some part a............... TEBOW thread?

          Hmm Can? Tim Tebow? QB controversy? How did we forget about this little QB controversy?


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            Not much controversy about TT. He couldn't throw and when PM was signed, he was traded. That is all.
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