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What's the biggest weakness of the 2018 Denver Broncos?

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    Originally posted by Hadez View Post
    1. Coaching (Until proves to get better with changes)

    2. OL - with years and year of weak attempts to fix this starting to wonder if maybe we need to start putting the Front office on our list of weaknesses.

    3. RB - no proven NFL RBs on the roster
    I'm not worried about RB, but 1 and 2 are spot on.

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      Worries are starters getting hurt in TC, ( Chubb) please all stay healthy.

      VJ press conference but but we had a good Wednesday practice!!


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        ILB by far. Marshall and Davis shouldn’t be in the league, they’re awful!


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          Muffed kickoff and punt returns.


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            Some people here are quick to support VJ, but he is by our biggest liability. Kubiak had an inferior O-line and offense in 2016 and was one or two plays away from the playoffs. Vance Joseph took a team with better talent and halved the number of wins. He deferred things he shouldn't have, like McCoy going far off script on plays, and took control of things when he shouldn't have, like putting Walker out of position, not playing Henderson, letting McKenzie stay on punt return duty. A good coach can work to alleviate some of the problems, but I don't think VJ even knows what the problems are. In 2017 his decision making led to direct losses.

            He's not going to be our head coach in 2019, he's still coaching here simply so that the next head coach will know that he at least will have more than a season to work here.
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