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    Originally posted by Rich_C View Post
    Awesome thank you - that is a good start but again, and I am sure we can appreciate, it is very one-sided. What evidence, if any, did the other present? Was there video footage of the evening? Of this young lady leaving the building?

    I also find it very odd that Gotsis didn't say I am innocent in his comments yesterday...
    He didn’t have to..... everything else said he they declined to lay charges, a declaration of his innocence is a little redundant.

    “I’m just relieved that everything has been taken care of,” he said, adding that he had faith in “the legal system, the Lord and family and friends” throughout. “[I had] great support from everyone around me - Broncos, friends, family. Just glad that it’s over with, and I can just focus on football now.”

    To me is seems like the feeling was that it was happening to him ( ie false allegation) .which would also explain comments about it being taken care of, and had faith in the legal system...
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