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    Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post
    I think Romo is awful. He's too busy talking to actually add details that mean a lot. I want a color guy to paint the picture on the field from what I can't see on TV, instead Romo just talks. He also gets a lot wrong. From last week when he talked about "the Broncos just using another ay to get a double team" when the coverage was definitely either cover 3 or cover 4 (not a defense with double coverage in it). To when he was speculating on why Pittsburgh turned down a penalty that you could see they accepted and the officials were just discussing exactly how it would be enforced.

    He's not Phil Simms bad "oh wow Jeeem" but he's not nearly as good as the praise that's heaped on him.

    Collinsworth is great. I understand people dislike his voice, but he tells you something about what's going on, or what just happened, then the replay almost always confirms that and he explains what he's talking about using the replay. From an X's and O's perspective there's no one better as a color commentator.

    In my opinion.
    agreed. I think he is the best out there too.


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      I like Romo too. He's kinda fun to listen to. However his gravelly, hoarse voice does bother me a little.


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        He's better then a lot of them but sometimes he needs to end his insights a sentence or two earlier.


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          Originally posted by justabroncosfan View Post
          I agree. Even beyond football, Dennis Miller's voice is something I would not mind ever hearing again in my life. Miller's voice is similar in a way to Sandy Clough's voice I think for me personally. I know it's my subjective observation, but both men speak in a way that comes off as if they know more about everything than the listener.

          Am I the only one who misses John Madden on MNF? He was a one of a kind in his color commentary. He commented about football in a visceral way.
          Loved Dennis Miller on MNF. I thought he was great and added so much wit and humor to the game, I loved it.
          Also, I think Romo is very good. He brings out game subtleties better than most.


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            Watching KC vs Ravens - Romo seems obsessed with talking about screen plays.