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Holiday Debate. Who's worse? 2009 Denver Broncos or today's hot 2018 mess?

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    Our O-line staying healthy would be amazing. I still think we need to start looking for a new LT because Bolles seems to make boneheaded plays at crucial times.

    Taz was winning the RB lotto for sure for us.


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      Originally posted by CTM View Post
      Rough year but I thought we could just talk about guys who really showed a surprising amount of promise and really came into their own this season.

      For me, Shelby Harris has been a very fortunate find for us on the D line. In a group with a lot of high picks and a decent amount of money spent Harris came out of nowhere with some dominant play when he got his chances. He will be a RFA this offseason and we should be able to keep him around, if not on a long term extension at least a tender. I'm excited to see him next season and how he could flourish with an expanded role.

      Will Parks also showed some big time play making ability this season. He has all the physical tools to be a disruptive force on defense and I think this year he showed a pretty good knack for being in the right spot at the right time. Like Harris I am excited to see what he can do with an expanded role. I think we should expect him to be a leading candidate to be starting in the secondary next season.
      Good thread. There were eight young players on offense who got a lot of playing time in regular season games: Phillip Lindsay; Royce Freeman; Matt LaCossse; Brian Parker; Elijah Wilkinson; Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick; and, Daesean Hamilton. That is invaluable experience for a talented group.

      Next year we'll see if Jake Butt and Troy Fumagalli can overcome injuries and contribute. River Cracraft got some valuable experience at the end of the season, too.

      On defense, Chubb, Yiadom, Jewell, Holland and D. Thomas got valuable experience that will help them next season. There is no substitute for game snaps in the development of young players.
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